Thursday, August 13, 2015

Love Letter, Month 67

Dear Kate,

You were 67 months old yesterday.
Guess what you learned to do this month? Yep. Use a mask and snorkel properly. At first you had trouble keeping your lips closed so you kept breathing in water but after a few tries, you got it down and then traversed the length of Aunt Kelly's and Uncle Tony's pool many times.
We spent more than half of this month in Florida much to your delight. You were very excited to hear Aunt Kelly play your flute since she was your inspiration for starting lessons.
Much of your time was spent in some sort of water, either in pools, )where you learned you could swim down 8 feet for dive sticks)

the ocean, where you spent hours boogie boarding,

or natural springs (Rainbow Springs to be specific) where you explored every inch of the swimming area looking at fish and turtles.

I'm really surprised you haven't grown gills and turned into a fish.

When you weren't submerged in water, you were having a grand time on land. The super big news from this month is that you got your ears pierced! You picked out tiny red garnets (your birthstone) and sat quite still and stoic as the deed was done.

You love them so much, checking that they are still there and being turned properly, several times/day.
A few other new things this month:

Your first time riding a horse (not a pony) was on Santana, Karlie's beautiful horse.

Learning a new clapping game (See See My Playmate) with Aunt Sherry.
Your first time holding jellyfish (non-stinging moon jellies that is)
And perfecting what you and Lucy call "THE DEATH STARE".
You use this quite liberally on me when I'm not doing something to your liking. Just know you were very lucky that the water gun was not loaded young lady....
Not everything was new, however. You reveled in seeing Meme and Papa as well as playing with your cousins.
And you still found ways to have some alone-time, even if it meant resolutely turning your back to the crowd so you could focus on your coloring/activity book.
You've been a lot more physically and verbally affectionate lately, asking for hugs and grabbing my hand when we are walking together.

You asked if we could have a date, just the two of us, You picked a local Mediterranean place so you could have your favorite, baba ganoush and pita. I love the time I get to spend with you, listening to your thoughts and all the ideas you have spinning around. It boggles my mind when I actually stop and focus on just how much you have going on at any given time in that lovely head of yours.

And now for a couple of Kateisms:

Me: (During a particularly trying time when you kept telling me "I can't do it!!!"). Can you tell me what this riddle means? "If you say you can or you can't, you're right either way."
You: (switching immediately from tears to a pleading smile) "That means I can watch tv!"

Me to Daddy: Kate found another coin today. We walked into the pool area and first thing she did was find a penny under the lounge chair. I don't know how she does that!
You: That's the magic of Kate!

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