Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oh Summer, Oh Summer, Where for art thou, Summer?

It seems Summer has taken a bit of a hiatus of late. I'm not sure we actually got very far out of the 60s today. We still have 1 1/2 weeks until school starts and I'm really hoping it warms up enough to swim again before the pools close.

In the meantime, we've continued on with Mommy Camp. We met up for a playdate with C. Her mom and I met through book club a few years ago. She's now fighting breast cancer (I CAN NOT believe another one of my friends has this) so we brought over some food and stayed to play for a bit.
Kate really wanted to polish her nails so Len laid down a tarp (!) and I came out for breakfast to find this on our kitchen floor. I thought at first she had cut her toe and was bleeding out but no, just a bit of a polishing flub.
A new crayon book was released (the first book was "The Day the Crayons Quit") so we went to the book reading at our local bookstore.

Next stop: our local ice cream shop. It got 2 thumbs up.
We're still working on art projects. This one is a fairy jar. No pics of the finished project as I keep forgetting to snap a photo before they go to bed but the link gives a much better one than I could. We used glow in the dark paint instead of the glow sticks though. They love having them on their dressers as they go to sleep.

Another playdate with C. This time to the Botanic Garden to see the Corpse Flower. It still hasn't bloomed so no stinky smell! Contrary to the pictures, C was lovely to be with--she was just ready to have a pickle with lunch and we were not moving fast enough in that direction!
Pickle needs satisfied, we headed to the rose garden where the girls raced back and forth on the lawn for a while. Then Kate spotted the Taiwanese family and went over to chat. They realized she could speak a bit of limited Mandarin so she spent the next 1/2 hour entertaining them. Lucy was way more interested in speaking "lion" (she is still in her Lion King phase....).
I couldn't resist snapping a photo or two of everyone taking pics of our girls with their babies.

One of the women teaches Mandarin at a local university. She pointed out that Kate's accent is Northern Chinese and is "very good". Although Lucy was pretty shy around them, she did quietly answer a few questions before grabbing me and "play hiding" behind my legs. She still gets very clingy with me when she gets attention from Chinese families.

Kate, meanwhile, spent some time singing a few Chinese songs to this little guy, who positively loved it.

C and her dad needed to head home and the babies needed a nap so we said our goodbyes and the three of us headed to the veggie gardens where the girls played with worms, planted lettuce seeds to bring home and communed with some ducks before heading home ourselves.

Here's hoping tomorrow's surgery goes well and she can spend the next 1 1/2 weeks of summer vacation having fun. At least I know ice cream will be in our future! We have to be at the hospital by 6:30am so I'm off to bed shortly.

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