Monday, August 3, 2015

Online vacation silence

We are just back from our annual Florida vacation and sifting through hundreds of photos, mountains of laundry, grocery shopping and life in the big city. I'm working on Lucy's heart letter (yes, it's late this month!) and then I'll do a picture-heavy post or two of our trip. I found out today that most one-hour photo shops do not develop disposable cameras in-house anymore. I wanted to get some underwater shots of us at Rainbow Springs so disposable was the way to go. Sadly, I won't see the results of that effort for another week! Talk about going old-school...

In the meantime, here's a video of the girls boogie boarding at Daytona Beach.
Boogie boarding 2015 from Lisa on Vimeo.
Nana surprised them with the boards and they spent quite a lot of time riding the waves last week. Kate was more of the daredevil as the week progressed, venturing out into waters that were chest deep on her and riding in the bigger waves as they crashed over the sandbars at high tide. Unfortunately, I didn't get video of that as I wanted to be hands-free that far out in the ocean.

I miss the ocean and the heat already....

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