Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spartan Race 2015

Both of the girls wanted to run the Spartan Race this year so we headed out to Marseilles, IL Sunday morning. After 1 1/2 hours on the road, we finally arrived and got checked in. And can I just say it was ASS HOT. It was 98 sticky, still, humid degrees by 11am.

The girls put on their new shirts to pose in front of the sign before we headed over to the kid's area.

They decided to change out of the new shirts so they wouldn't get muddy so Lucy put on her shirt from last year and gave Kate a reassuring hug right before race-time.
The start line. And no, they didn't remove the gate keeping them penned in. To start the race, they had to climb over it.
We tried as much as possible to stay off the course and let our girls do it on their own or with the help of the Spartan volunteers. This was not the case with a lot of other parents who were lifting their kids over, spotting them and running alongside them the whole way. Can you say "helicopter parent"??

Lucy made it over by herself and then stayed to help Kate over. Kate eventually required adult assistance to make it over though.
Next up was a series of calisthenics including 5 burpees. Len had taught them how to do burpees so they were pretty jazzed when they knew what to do without having to watch the other kids.
On to the next obstacle. Lucy, who is the faster runner, kept holding back to stay with Kate.
They each needed to step on a volunteer's knee to make it over the next obstacle.

The course was a 1/2 mile run, including all the obstacles.
They needed to throw a javelin and hit the target. Neither of them could throw it far enough to hit the target so they had a penalty:
 Five more burpees is the penalty for missing!
Where Lucy is the sprinter in the family, Kate is the marathoner, and she took the lead when it came to the long running portion of the course.
The next obstacle was the crawl under the wires.

Up next was supposed to be the mud crawl/climb but the two mud ponds had become contaminated. That was kind of a bummer because that's the really cool part of the race!

On to the next obstacle and Lucy scaled it with no problem.
Kate needed a boost from a volunteer's leg.
They were pretty hot and tired by the finish and ended up walking the last few feet to the tent.
Finishers with their medals!
After water, bananas and protein bars, they were ready to try the challenges in the adult areas. Lucy started climbing.
 She made it halfway to the bell before sliding back down.
Kate tried.
Bless her heart.
Lucy managed 2 pull-ups after getting a lift up to the bar from Len.
She really wanted to move this tire.
 Fortunately, they had a smaller one nearby and she did manage to pull that one.

 Before tipping it over!
Kate was determined to keep up with her sister so she managed to flip the tire as well.
We nabbed a spot at a table under a tent and Len schlepped to the car for our cooler. We ate lunch and wanted to go watch some of the adult event but it was just SO.DAMN.HOT.

And there were flies. Lots of flies.
They are already talking about doing the 1 mile course next year, in spite of it all.

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