Saturday, September 19, 2015

Family Day #4

Four years ago today, Len and I were waiting to meet our second daughter in a hot, stuffy building in the middle of China. Nana and Kate were also waiting, in a hot, stuffy hotel.

Four years ago, our family was completed with the addition of Lucy (or Doodcy, as Kate called her). Now she is known as Lucy-Juice, Luce, Lú xī, sis, sissy, sister, or LOOO-SEEEE! Whatever she happens to be called at any given moment, she is forever a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece and a cousin. And she has made our family happier, louder, funnier, and sillier.

Here we all were 4 years ago in Zhengzhou, China.

Kate and Lucy, Day 1
Home 6 months (March 2012)
Home one year (September 2012)
Home two years (September 2013)
Home three years (September 2014)
Home four years (September 2015)
We've all come a long way from that first meeting.
Happy Family Day Lucy-Juice and Katie-Bug!

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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! Lucy has made incredible progress in four years! One liitle one in my classroom when asked what she shines at, replied, " loving my mum". These are such important words for children like her and Lucy, A sign of a very strong attachment. I was almost in tears.


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