Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 69

Dear Lucy,

You are 69 months old today.

Are you noticing a lion theme here? Good because I will come back to that in a bit.

You've had some grand adventures this month! Ms. Julie has been here a couple of times much to your delight. She took you and Kate to the Family Fest at Millennium Park on a day when she was NOT performing. You all had a blast with face painting, singing, dancing and playing in the fountains.

And just last week you three went to the Lincoln Park Zoo where you had great fun roaring like a lion (while the real one dozed in the sun behind you).
You have been pretending to be a lion all month. Your favorite game to play is "baby lion" where you are the baby lion and Kate is either the mommy or daddy lion. This entails you roaring (A LOT) while crawling around and directing Kate on how best to protect you, feed you, etc. We did have to have a discussion about how you should carry YOUR cubs around as you were clamping your stuffed animals in your mouth, right where you had just had surgery AGAIN. More on that in a bit as well.
Anything will do as a mane (you are always a male lion because they are "bigger and stronger and fight better").
The Chicago Air and Water Show was this month so went spent a full day at the beach. Daddy and I loved watching all the planes, boats and jets. You enjoyed the hot dogs, snow cones, cookies and sand.

The Spartan Race was also this month and you reveled in your senior status, showing Kate where to be and how to do the obstacles.
You gave her a reassuring hug as the race was about to start--I love that about you. You are always very quick to offer love and assurance when someone needs it.
You scaled the first wall no problem.
 Although you had good form on the javelin throw, you missed the target and had to do five burpees.
Nonplussed, you did those cheerfully and then launched over the next obstacle.
When it was all done (the mudpit was unfortunately off-limits because of contamination) you still had enough energy and strength to climb halfway up the adult rope climb.
I do believe that climbing has to be one of your top 5 favorite things to do. Your latest challenge is to climb the OUTSIDE of slides now.
After you finished posing, you were up and over the rim, jumping down to the platform so you could slide down and climb up the outside again.
Now about that surgery: we've had to curtail your activity in the past week, since the bone graft you had in June was showing signs of failure and needed to be repaired. It turns out that not only was the bone graft showing through your gumline but your nose fistula had also opened up and needed stitches.
You came through it all like a champ once again.
But for future reference, anesthesia and morphine make you extremely surly! You were ordering the nurse and me around like a little dictator and were very grumpy when it took a whole 30 seconds for her to get your FOURTH popsicle out of the freezer at the nurse's station. No please, no thank you.
I guess when you are five years old and are on your fifth surgery (not counting the broken arm), you are allowed a pass on pleasantries (although I have to confess that I still asked you to say thank you and please, and you did oblige...shooting me the stink eye all-the-while).

Your love of lions is not exclusive in the animal kingdom. You and Bella still maintain a vibrant love-fest, which came into clear focus on the day you returned home from surgery. She uprooted from her normal spot in the sun and came over to you on the couch to snuggle.
You both love to watch the people, dogs and squirrels out the front window.
But really, you love every single animal that you meet. The ducks at the Botanic Garden held your attention for nearly 20 minutes.
We had to go back several times to feed and pet the goats at the Brookfield Zoo. You have yet to stop talking about them!

You asked me today about what jobs you could get where you could work with animals so we talked about the various options and what college degrees you would need to major in to succeed. It was the first time a discussion like that held your attention for longer than a minute and I chalk it all up to your passion for animals.

And now for a few Lucy-isms this month:

We were talking about the states and how you punched out the shapes of each state at school in order to study them. You said you would rather just cut it out with scissors instead of "taking the slow way to punch each one out."
I asked you: Do you know why your teachers ask you to take the slow way of punching out the outline?
You: To annoy me.

You: What is that stuff called that they put over my mouth for surgery?
Me: Anesthesia?
You: Yes! There's a movie called that!
Me: That's AnasTASIA. 

And because we had your annual physical this month, I'll include your stats:
You are 45 1/4" tall (you grew 2 1/4" in one year) and 43 lbs (you gained 4 lbs in one year), one of your 6 year molars is coming in on the upper right side and you wear a size 12 toddler shoe. You fit best in 6T clothing or xs in the "big girls" section. Yep, we are pretty much out of the toddler area and have moved into the girls section!

But some things remain the same, namely your need to nap. Although you don't nap at school or on days when we have activities planned out of the house, you still benefit from a nap when we are home and will sleep for 1-2 hours, waking up all happy and cuddly which is a big change from last year when you would sleep for shorter (45-60 minutes) and wake up out-of-sorts.
I love you my snuggle bug!



Jennifer at HillandHome said...

Anastasia! I love it! That is tricky :-)

Boy, we have one here who is so cranky after most naps. I can never decide if it is better or worse if she sleeps! Would love it if she turns the corner to cuddly!

Lisa said...

It has been a nice change of pace that's for sure! Cranky kids after naps make the whole afternoon miserable.

Heather H. said...

Growing up into a lovely little girl. I love your comment that she's always quick to give a hug and support when someone needs it. What a beautiful heart.


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