Monday, September 7, 2015

The end of summer

I cannot believe summer is at an end. I can't believe I made it. I can't believe it will probably be snowing in about a month. I can't believe my girls will be in kindergarten tomorrow.

But before we celebrate that milestone, we celebrated the end of summer while taking care of all the requirements for school. Both girls needed the varicella vaccination so we showed up first thing earlier this week to get that over with. Then we were the first ones at the door to the dairy shop, ordering ice creams to soothe the pain of said shots.
Once the cashier heard that they had to have a shot, suddenly their ice creams had cherries and then balloons appeared.
We got more than a few odd looks as people arrived for their morning coffee...I can only imagine their thoughts as they see two girls dressed in princess costumes eating ice cream at 9am. Hey, it was in a WAFFLE cup. That qualifies as breakfast, right?

Next day we had haircuts. Lucy is still set on having hair like Rapunzel so a trim was all that was in order for her.

Kate now says she wants long hair. We'll see how long that lasts...but she's getting tired of people assuming she's a boy because her hair is short. I asked her why she wanted to grow it out and she said as much. Peer pressure at 5. That sucks.

Meanwhile, Bella has found a new napping spot. Normally we leave the bedroom doors closed but sometimes we forget and Bella has taken full advantage. Seems the afternoon sun shines directly onto their old changing table pad. The girls found her one day and fought over who would get to be nearest her. Bella, in her good natured way, placed her paws delicately but firmly against their faces and mouths indicating her need for quiet and solitude.

Since Sunday was projected to be the best day of the Labor Day weekend, we met up with Lucy D. and her family at the beach.
It was a lovely, if hot, day but surprisingly, the lake temperature was ridiculously cold. The lifeguards said it was 59 degrees and I believe it. My feet were numb after just a few minutes in the water and even Kate, our intrepid all-weather swimmer, had her breathe taken away every time she dived under.

Lucy, still healing from her latest surgery, kept her face out of the water but did get to wade in to cool off. She seemed more than happy to have this restriction and barely got in past her knees, complaining that it was way too cold for swimming anyway.

Lucy sat with Joy for a long time, both contentedly pouring sand and water into various vessels.
Kate and Lucy D. set about making a sand fortress and a deep hole.

I had been trolling craigslist for a few weeks trying to find an 88 weighted key digital piano for Lucy at a decent discount. Since they retail for upwards of $700 and most were listed at $300 and up for sale by owner, I was beginning to despair that we would find anything lower but Saturday night I got an email alert of a new listing for MUCH lower than anything I had seen. I texted immediately and got lucky! Len went over Sunday morning and came home with exactly what I had been looking for, including the stand and the bench for no extra $. Lucy was beyond thrilled and spent all morning puttering around with it, playing with the various sounds and making up songs.
She has been talking about piano lessons for months. One of the other Chinese primary teachers in her school is also a classically trained pianist who gives lessons after school so Lucy's super excited to start.

Saturday I swung by the library for some books and managed to get the free pass to the Brookfield Zoo so we headed there today.
We brought their suits so they could cool off at the splash pad after lunch.

We went to the Festival of Flight show and Kate was picked to come up and throw food in the air for one of  the birds to catch. She was thrilled to be picked and Lucy was, surprisingly, happy for her. These things can sometimes go either way so I was relieved when it ended amicably.
They had each brought some money to spend on the carousel ride but once they saw these toys in the store, the decided to skip the carousel in favor of them. Lucy, naturally, got the lion head and Kate picked the only animal that was pink--a dolphin. She then spent the rest of the walk to the car imagining how lovely life would be if only there were pink dolphins.
It would be lovely indeed.

Tomorrow they start kindergarten! Mommy Camp 2015 is O.V.E.R!!!


Jennifer at HillandHome said...

Good news!! There ARE pink dolphins! Google it! They are river dolphins in the Amazon!

Lisa said...

And THIS is why I blog--I can't believe you googled it and found it! Thank you! Kate will be thrilled when I show her!


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