Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween from the Big Bad Greek Wolf!

YiaYia and Pappou are here to help us celebrate Halloween. The rain that poured down most of the day stopped and the weather seemed much warmer than it did this morning. Our little police officers were raring to go!
There was a good turnout for trick-or-treating and the girls were quite happy with their loot.

Back at home and winding down before getting ready for bed, YiaYia read to the girls in Greek, Little Red Riding Hood.
The big bad (Greek) wolf from Lisa on Vimeo.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend with Sara

Sara came back from Sweden on a solo trip, this time to visit her sister's new baby. Although the absence of Lina made Kate and Lucy sad, having Sara stay "in the room right next to us" proved compensation enough. And flying on her feet eased the sting further.

Nobody was immune to Sara's charms...Bella hopped up and curled herself into sleeping position as soon as Sara sat down.
The girls all came over after supper for wine, snacks and catching up. Alas, all of us are not accounted for as Alex left before I thought to get the camera out.
The girls got one last hug in before heading off to school.
We are looking forward to their whole family visiting next June!

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Lucy learned how to flip over on the rings last week.
Flip from Lisa on Vimeo.

....when she's not just hanging upside down.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Bed for Bella

The girls decided that we needed yet another object sitting on the living room floor for me to trip over a proper house for Bella, so they set about making one. They wrote her name on top but most of their coloring/decorations were done on the interior of the box "so Bella can enjoy them while she's resting."

Surprisingly, she loves it and when she isn't sunbathing or snuggled up with someone on the sofa,
she can usually be found curled up in her new home.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Family Photo Shoot 2015

We have had such great weather this Fall--not too cold, not too hot. Juuuuust Right! This came in quite handy as our day for our annual photo shoot approached. We joined forces with Christy once again to take photos of each other's family and hoped that out of 400 shots, a few would turn out well. Christy took all the photos of our family group shots, Len took the photos of me and I took the photos of our girls and Christy's family.

 Love this shot that Christy took of Joy. Joy really is that angelic!

Kate was nearing the end of her photo shoot endurance (note the glowering stare and combative stance). Lucy was close behind (slumped and drained from smiling so much).

They rallied for a few more...

This girls knows how to work the camera--she said she was trying to "look angelic and sweet." Nailed it.

"Can we be done yet?"
And that was a wrap. We shot all the pictures in and around the bird sanctuary at Montrose Harbor here in Chicago.


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