Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Day in the Kitchen

With bowls of apples overflowing on our counter, I spent a good deal of time looking through my cookbooks for apple recipes. Yesterday, after the girls helped me shop for groceries and Lucy took a nap, we spent the afternoon using up some of those apples.

Our oven has a dehydrator setting so we now have 22 apples worth of chips. Here was the first batch going into the oven:
18 hours later, ready to eat! The girls loved the sweetness and inhaled a fair amount.
Kate helped me chop apples for apple butter.
Once they cooked down, she ran them through the food mill before putting them back into the pot with some spices to cook down a bit more.
Once Lucy woke up, I put her to work making her favorite sandwich filler: pimiento cheese. In went the cheddar cheese and mayo.
Then a jar of roasted red peppers or pimientos.
Some seasonings were next and then a quick whiz in the processor.
A thick layer on whole wheat bread made for a good afternoon snack!
Last on the menu was an apple pie. They took turns slicing the apples and mixing in the spices. The top crust looks a bit rough but they were proud of their pie--all ready to go in the oven.
Fresh from the oven, it was still warm after supper and delicious topped with the vanilla ice cream Len got at the store on his walk home (it was the one item I forgot at the store earlier in the day)!

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