Saturday, October 17, 2015

A little conversation...in Mandarin

Thursday I helped chaperone the girls' annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Normally I only have my two girls to keep track of but this time I had a third child, C,  in my charge. Kate and Lucy were very excited for me to meet him since he is new to the classroom and, as they put it, "he only speaks Chinese....no English!" 
After meeting him, I'm sure he understood what I was saying but true to their words, he spoke not a lick of English to me the entire day. Instead, Kate and C chatted happily away in Mandarin with Lucy joining in occasionally.  Every time I would say something to C, Kate would translate it into Chinese.

Today, I asked them why they didn't speak in Mandarin to each other and they said they did more at school but that it was "too hard" and they are "too tired" to use it at home. Then they sat down and chatted about the park and candy and who knows what else....all in Mandarin.
A little chat in Chinese 1 from Lisa on Vimeo.

I love how they started playing footsie with each other in this video--they have a lovely easiness, a playful familiarity, with each other that comes out when they aren't fighting for my attention.
A little chat in Chinese 2 from Lisa on Vimeo.


Joy Altman said...

I don't think I've ever commented, but I've been reading for about 3 years. Love the Mandarin conversation. So, so cool. My daughter (age 6, home two years) and my son (age 12, home three months) attend a Mandarin-immersion school, as well. They help the rest of the family with their fledgling Chinese all the time. :)

Lisa said...

It's so nice to hear from readers and I'm really glad you are enjoying the posts. It is amazing how their brains are such sponges at this age--I only wish mine were!


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