Thursday, October 22, 2015

Family Photo Shoot 2015

We have had such great weather this Fall--not too cold, not too hot. Juuuuust Right! This came in quite handy as our day for our annual photo shoot approached. We joined forces with Christy once again to take photos of each other's family and hoped that out of 400 shots, a few would turn out well. Christy took all the photos of our family group shots, Len took the photos of me and I took the photos of our girls and Christy's family.

 Love this shot that Christy took of Joy. Joy really is that angelic!

Kate was nearing the end of her photo shoot endurance (note the glowering stare and combative stance). Lucy was close behind (slumped and drained from smiling so much).

They rallied for a few more...

This girls knows how to work the camera--she said she was trying to "look angelic and sweet." Nailed it.

"Can we be done yet?"
And that was a wrap. We shot all the pictures in and around the bird sanctuary at Montrose Harbor here in Chicago.


Elizabeth A said...

Fabulous pictures! What great shots! Have you thought of running a little business? I am sure there is money to be made. What superb backgrounds and a glorious day. I can't get over how the girls are growing. I really love the picture at the top of your blog.

Elizabeth A said...

Now I scrolled all the way down, the one at the bottom is very cute as well!


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