Monday, October 19, 2015

First visit from the Tooth Fairy

Qiongwei lao shi handed me a baggy with Lucy's tooth in it this afternoon at pickup. Lucy was beside herself with glee, bouncing and chortling like she had just won a big prize.
What I love about this age is that a rice crispy treat and some chocolate milk qualifies as a big prize so that is just what we had after school to celebrate.
 Although Kate was a pretty good sport about the whole thing, she still lamented to me tonight that "it's not fair that Lucy's teeth are falling out and mine aren't!" Oh honey...there are so many trailer-park jokes in that statement that I just Can't.Even.
I kept trying to get a picture of the tooth but Lucy couldn't hold her hand still...she's still practically levitating over this event. Len helped her steady her hand.
She carefully put her tooth into the pocket of the sweater-dress pillow that Nana made for her a few years ago. That way Mama the Tooth Fairy can find the tooth easily and replace it with a coin.
The going rate for teeth in our house is one gold Sacagawea coin.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my! Such excitement! Your girls are at a lovely age and I just watch from a distance but they make me smile. Congratulations to Lucy and Kate, your time will come soon, you'll see. I can't get over how much they are growing. I haven't commented in a long while, I think, but am still completely enjoying your blog. I still hope to return to the adoption process but only time will tell.


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