Thursday, October 1, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 70

Dear Lucy,

You are 70 months old today.
We had a lot of big events this month: the end of summer, Family Day, Chinese Moon Festival and...the start of kindergarten! Yep! You made it Big Girl! 
Your teacher, Qiongwei lao shi, met you and Sister on your first day. You marched right in, put all your things away in your cubby, changed into your classroom shoes, gave your teacher a big hug, kissed Daddy and me goodbye, and off you went.
On September 20, we celebrated four years together! Four years seems like such a short span of time, especially because it feels like you've ALWAYS been a part of our family. You said you wanted pie for our special day so we all walked to our local pie shop where your friend M was waiting to surprise you and help you celebrate! 
You were thrilled to see her and even happier when she walked to the playground with us to play the afternoon away.
September is always a tricky month because it is the end of summer and the freedom that comes with it. We went out with a bang, spending part of Labor Day weekend at the zoo 

and later, at the beach with Lucy D. and her family.
You spent a lot of time playing with Lucy D's sister, Joy. You have a real gift for playing with younger children, making them feel part of the group and keeping them entertained. Although not genetically related to her, you are very much like your Grandma Ruth, sharing her love for babies and taking great joy in their presence.
It is one of the reasons why you love kindergarten this year. You get to be the oldest, teaching and guiding the younger ones, taking a leadership role that you rarely get with a strong-willed sister around.

But if there is one thing that can trump all of that, it is spending time with animals. Bella gets daily love and attention from you.
Dr. Boyd's dog, Blue, finds himself draped by your body during every dental visit.
Speaking of the dentist, you pointed out that one of your teeth was loose during our appointment this month. Dr. Boyd confirmed that your bottom left tooth is indeed loose and that three more are working their way out as well. You now spend a great deal of your time wiggling it, eager to see what the tooth fairy will bring you.

Our last big event this month was the Chinese Moon Festival. Your summer camp teacher, Angel lao shi, invited us for dim sum in Chinatown so we set off on the el to meet up.
You gobbled up plate after plate of dim sum and chatted away with Angel lao shi and her family. Although you still are hesitant to respond in Chinese when spoken to, you didn't have any trouble understanding her when she asked you what food you would like from the carts!
After brunch, we headed over to the Square for the show. You and Kate ended up shopping with Angel lao shi and the other students while Daddy and I watched the festivities. You came skipping back with a Chinese dice from your teacher.

Now that school is back in session, you are bringing home prolific amounts of art and work.  I really love these hand fishies.
Your math skills are getting stronger and you have said that you enjoy math much more than English. I think it is much less confusing since the letters in English do not always sound the same in Chinese pinyin. Numbers are much more straightforward!

Your writing is improving as you can see by the letter you wrote Nana:

Dear Nana, I love you. I am happy that I am playing piano in the fall. Lucy
Did you catch that reference to piano? You have been set on playing the piano for nearly 6 months so after an exhaustive search on various virtual garage sales, I finally succeeded in getting you an 88 key, weighted keyboard. Although your lessons with San Nan lao shi don't begin for a couple more weeks, you play it nearly every day, doodling around and coming quite close to playing music simply by ear. You do have a gift I think and I can't wait to see how it plays out. Ha ha--plays out!
I'm not the only comedian in the family--you give us all a run for our money on a daily basis. This exchange in particular had us all laughing recently:

We were driving and you noticed an older model corvette and were oohing and ahhing over it, as was Daddy.

I said, "When you get rich, Lucy, you can buy daddy a corvette to thank him for raising you." 
You: "What if he's dead by the time I get rich?"
Having you in my life makes me want to live forever, just to see what you will do next. You are an amazing little girl and I am grateful that we were given the privilege to call you our daughter 4 years ago.


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