Sunday, October 11, 2015

Piano lessons have begun!

Lucy started talking about piano lessons early last spring. She continued talking about it so this summer I found a good deal on a used keyboard and planned to sign her up for lessons once school started. Yesterday was the day! Her teacher is San-Nan, a primary teacher in their school in another Chinese classroom. Lucy loves her and was so excited to start lessons that she was dressed and ready to go before I was even out of bed.

Her lessons are in a gallery space not far from our house.
San-Nan is teaching her in Mandarin, using English only when Lucy doesn't understand what is said. I think this is really going to help Lucy a lot with both her letters and her numbers. Lucy still has a hard time identifying either correctly and I think part of it is fear of answering incorrectly (thus she just freezes and gets a deer-in-the-headlights look) and part of it is confusing English with Mandarin pinyin and characters. It's a lot to learn!

Fortunately, she is highly motivated when it comes to music. Her lessons are only 30 minutes but yesterday both San-Nan and Lucy got lost in time and the lesson ran to almost 50 minutes. Lucy was completely involved the entire time, not fidgeting or showing any signs that she was ready to stop.

These lessons will also help Lucy learn to find her voice a bit better in Chinese. So often, Kate mows over her and answers for her when they are both spoken to in Mandarin. In this setting, Lucy will have to find the words for herself. As you can see on the video, her voice is so quiet when she is answering, unlike her normal speaking voice.
Lucy and San-Nan lao shi 1 from Lisa on Vimeo.

Here she is learning how to place her fingers on the keyboard--this was near the end of class and you can see she is just as engaged (read: not frustrated or fidgety) as she was at the beginning. Notice the beaming smile she gives me at the beginning!
Lucy and San-Nan lao shi 2 from Lisa on Vimeo.

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