Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ringing the bell

One of the girls' classmates had his birthday part at a local jumping/climbing place. Both girls were eager to test their climbing skills on the rock wall and they harnessed up quickly and got going.

They both made several passes before Kate lost interest and headed off to play with some friends in the bounce house.
Lucy got down and waited her turn for another try. She was determined to hit the bell at the very top.
Just as the hosts called that it was time to get shoes on to leave, Lucy was almost there. She was the only one left on the climbing wall. She looked down in desperation, pleading with her eyes, "Please let me try to reach this bell!". I told her to go for it when I realized that quite a few parents were standing there too, cheering her on. She had been the only kid to climb that high. With two more steps she made it to ring the bell! We were all clapping and cheering for her which meant I didn't get the picture of the actual bell ringing but the look on her face was priceless!
So often in situations where we are with their classmates and their native Chinese speaking parents, Kate is the one who garners most of the attention with her perfect pronunciation/tones and willingness to chat in Mandarin. It was so lovely to see Lucy grab some of the spotlight and soak up the attention and praise from everyone for what she can do well.

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