Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Sometimes the best laid plans do not always pan out. This was one such holiday but by no means am I complaining. I may not believe in a lot of things but I do tend to cast my lot with karma and it did not let me down this time either. 

A very dear friend had an emergency come up so Len and I went to help. In the meantime, our lovely neighbor downstairs shared some of their Thanksgiving feast with us. So today I rounded out the donated turkey and stuffing and pumpkin/bourbon cheesecake (yum!!) with some sides and we celebrated. 

Kate is in her jammies as she was starting to get the same cold that I got last night and wanted to go to bed. Lucy ran through a fever and malaise a few days ago, I got slammed yesterday afternoon and was in bed with the chills and aches by 7pm last night and now Kate seems to be following suit. She rallied for dinner though!
 Lucy drew a thank you card for our neighbors.
 And Kate wrote them a letter.
The girls also wrote letters at school to give to us.

Kate drew a picture of our family.

We hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours may have been a day late but we are thankful nonetheless. For family. For friends. And for remembering that this holiday is not just about the feast on our table. 

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Jodie said...

Sounds like you and your beautiful family had a wonderful Thanksgiving...no matter what day it fell on. :) LOVE, love, LOVE the letters from the girls. SO SWEET! <3


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