Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ready for the holidays!

Kate and I are on the mend but we thought one more day of recovery was in order so we laid low again today. Len went out yesterday and brought home our Christmas tree so we could decorate it today.

Lucy and Len hung the lights while Kate and I worked on the mantle and buffet. Then the girls hung up all the ornaments. We only hung up the non-breakable ornaments this year since Lucy's birthday party will be next Sunday with about 15 kids coming over. Her theme is Christmas which is handy for me! You can just see some of her birthday presents hiding in plain sight up on the bookcase.

Next up was decorating the girls' tree in their room. They love having a tree in their room and I love that my old classroom tree is still usable after 25+ years.

After the girls went to bed, Charlie came back. Tomorrow morning should be fun!

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