Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 in Review

Our 2015 has been quite eventful! Both girls started kindergarten this year--their third year in a Mandarin immersion Montessori school. Both girls are thriving and sounding like native Chinese speakers. Both are learning to read and to write in both the English alphabet and Chinese pinyin and characters.

Lucy's favorite subjects are art and music. She began piano lessons this fall, learned to ice skate this spring, is active in gymnastics and soccer, ran her second kid's Spartan Race this summer and has lost her two bottom teeth. She had two cleft fistula surgeries this summer and made a full recovery by the time school started in September.

Kate has learned to read and write and her favorite subjects are math and Chinese. She began flute lessons last winter and performed her first solo recital this summer. She stays busy with chess club and gymnastics and she ran her first kid's Spartan Race with Lucy by her side.

I took one session of Chinese lessons this spring and the girls help me out by correcting my pronunciation when I practice. I have spent some time volunteering at their school as well. Len is still doing well at work, taking on additional responsibilities and mentoring other communicators.

We adopted Bella, a lynx-point Siamese cat, this Spring. She is now 1 1/2 years old and fits nicely into our sometimes chaotic household.

Our travel this year included a spring break trip to Washington, DC, our annual summer trip to FL, and my annual trip to Houston for a cancer checkup (got the all-clear this year!). My next trip is scheduled for Spring 2016.

Below is our annual video, cramming a year's worth of photos into a 4 minute montage. Enjoy!

2015 in Review from Lisa on Vimeo.

The music in the video is Standing By by PTX.

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Kelley Norman said...

so beautiful! Wishing you all a happy,healthy 2016! I love watching your special family grow.


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