Sunday, December 13, 2015

Breakfast with Tomten 2015

That's "Santa" in Swedish for all the non-Swedes reading this!
Yesterday was the big day to finally tell Santa how good they had been ALL YEAR (!!) and to ask him for their heart's desire. But first there were pictures to take in front of the tree, projects to make and cookies to eat.

Lucy's letter said, "Dear Santa, I want a big lion. Lucy"
Kate diligently worked on her letter.
"Dear Santa, I would like a kid's metal detector. I have bin (sic) a good girl this year."

Santa arrives!

Waiting for your turn is hard.
Their moment arrived and both girls took turns talking to Santa about their letters.

After all the festivities, I went shopping in the gift store for some presents and Len took the girls up to the children's museum where he kept a watchful eye on them.

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