Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Over and Done! Christmas 2015 was a success all the way around. We set to work making Christmas cookies so Santa would have something to snack on as he filled stockings. First up were sugar cookies.

Daddy is always good for a ride somewhere.
The next day we made chocolate/mint brownie balls.
The best part is licking your hands clean!

Lucy and Len worked on a lego project at the table while Nana read and Kate "napped" on the couch.
Finally it's Christmas Eve. Charlie sits on the two presents he has left for the girls before he leaves for another year.
New Christmas nightgowns for both!
Before bed, we pile onto couch for one last holiday movie...Polar Express.
With cookies, carrots and milk set out, the girls are ready for bed! They oddly both sat down in a yoga meditation pose... perhaps centering themselves for the frenzy that would follow on the next day.
Christmas morning came early!

They each got what they asked for: a metal detector for Kate and a large stuffed lion for Lucy.

Looks like Nana was a good girl this year as well!
 A tin of smoked sardines...I think Len will be very popular with Bella!

After some breakfast, we headed outside. Lucy really wanted to try out the new jump rope that was in her stocking.
Kate and I headed to the beach to try out her metal detector.

Found a penny!
The magna-tiles have been keeping them very busy. They told me that this was "a castle for homeless people".
Kate received a dinosaur excavation kit with a t-rex skeleton embedded into it. She spent an afternoon steadfastly chipping away at the block.
We took a break when the mailman showed up with the box of ornaments from Meme and Papa that were delivered a day late. (The bandaids on Kate's face are there because the goggles she needs for the excavation kit were hurting her nose and forehead.)
Success--part of the bones are found.

Bella helped her wash the bones so she could assemble them into a standing skeleton.
Lucy took a break from the magna-tiles to see the "bones".

She also received a crystal growing kit. This is a work-in-progress as it takes almost 2 weeks, left undisturbed, to grow a crystal. Here is it on Day 2. I forgot to take a picture of it when we poured it in--it just looked like sand on the bottom.
We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we wish you all a Happy New Year!

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