Saturday, December 12, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 72

Dear Lucy,

You are six years old!!
You got to have two birthday celebrations this month: one at school and one big party at home. You suddenly seemed so tall this month, especially when I saw the pictures I took of you at your school celebration.
Perhaps it's that you are one of the oldest in your class or perhaps it's that you held yourself a little bit taller on your special day, but you continue to blossom before my eyes.

On your special day, daddy and I gifted you with your yearly present from China. You were so excited to open it this year and I'm happy to say we did not disappoint you.

You said, "I think this must be what my China Mom looks like. She's very pretty."

Indeed she must be to have produced such a beautiful little girl. My wish for your birth-mom and dad is the same every year: that they know you are well and that you are loved.
Your daddy and I met with your teachers for your first semester progress report. You are still enjoying school very much and it is showing up in your work.

You have told me that math is one of your favorite subjects. You have been working on addition with multiple addends and the Hundred Board materials. You are also learning the decimal system and you have improved greatly in writing your numbers.

In Chinese language, you have a great interest in practicing Pinyin. You are currently working on compound vowels and writing the Chinese characters of your name. You have mastered writing your name in Pinyin though. And you are speaking much more Mandarin to your teachers.
In English you are working on short vowels and consonants. You have mastered most consonants but are still have trouble distinguishing b, d, and p. You are also practicing writing your letters and building phonetic words.

In Practical Life, your favorite work is still threading beads to make necklaces. You are the only child in class who can thread a needle and make a knot and you have a lot of interest in sewing, which made the loom that YiaYia and Pappou gifted you for your birthday a favorite gift.
In the Sensorial area, you are working with geometric solids, the binomial and trinomial cube and the Power of Two work.

In Cultural subjects, you are very interested in making maps and art remains a favorite area of study.

You also enjoy practicing yoga poses during group time.

In general remarks it was noted that you are very observant and sensitive to changes in the environment. You are always the first one to notice a new work in the classroom and in getting to use it right away. You are very hard working, eager to learn. You love to sing and have memorized all the songs, usually after only hearing it once or twice. You have become quite the leader with the little ones and love to hold the rope and lead everyone to the playground for recess.

Outside of school, we had another chance to do art, this time at the Children's museum. We were the last ones in the class as you and Kate made Thanksgiving cards for your teachers.
The weather this month has been unseasonably warm so we've spent a good deal of time outside. You were very happy to show us all some of your soccer moves one afternoon.

Piano also continues to be a favorite subject and getting you to practice is relatively painless on my part.
Otherwise, this month has been about decorating for Christmas, playing with Sister and preparing for your birthday, all of which has kept you in a constant state of vibration and near levitation.

And now for the Lucyism of the month:

We were talking about what a Chinese word meant, a word that I had learned but promptly forgotten.
Me: This is why I want you to learn Chinese while you're young and your brain is still spongy. When you get older, your brain gets harder and things don't stay in there as easily.
You: That's weird because aren't parents supposed to know better?

Happy birthday my love! You are six years old and growing up into a lovely little girl.

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