Monday, December 14, 2015


I've often said that having children is much like living with (sometimes wild) animals. Apparently the latest makers of one of this season's hottest toys thinks so too. Several months ago as I was shopping for cat food, I saw a relatively inexpensive toy in the cat aisle so I got it for Bella. It was basically a small robot that acts like a bug and Bella was mildly interested in it for a bit (she would much rather I be involved in the play, like children are when you need to get supper on the table or take a phone call).

Anyway, Lucy received a strikingly similar toy as a birthday gift last week. It's called a HexBug Nano.

Can you tell which one was for the cat and which was for the child?
Interestingly, (as you will note if you click on the links above) if you purchase the cat toy it will only cost you $4.99 and you get the feathery tail as a bonus. If you purchase for kid's use it will set you back nearly $10.

So if this is on your child's holiday wishlist, head on over to the cat toy aisle and buy two for the price of one found in the children's toy section. And if you're lucky, both your child and your cat can entertain each other whilst you fix supper and enjoy a glass of wine!

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