Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lucy is 6!

Today my little Lucy turned 6! Hard to believe she is there already but with a second loose tooth and legs so long they grow out of pants overnight, the signs all say yes. Her birthday party is this Sunday so I'm going to wait for her love letter until after I can get the pictures from the party sorted out. In the meantime, we celebrated her actual birthday both at school and at home.

We all sang to her as she marched around the sun six times.

Then she blew out her candle.
Hugs from sister!
And some classmates!
Lucy had picked ice cream sandwiches as her treat to share, so after we ate lunch she handed them out.
Final hugs before they got back to work for the afternoon.
She opened her family gifts this afternoon, with a little help from sister! Kate was trying to read the cursive writing from YiaYia--holding it in the air didn't make it any more decipherable. She is dying to learn cursive now...

Lucy got straight to business.
This is right up her alley--she is very excited to start making herself a purse with her new loom.
Kate got her the flutterbye fairy she's been after for months!
New books and a stomp rocket!
These Connectagons kept them busy for the rest of the evening.

We saved her special gift until after supper. When we were in China, I spent a day shopping for birthday gifts for her for the next 18 years. This year's gift was a traditional doll from Henan Province, where she was born.
They have a few of these dolls to represent the different provinces of China in their classroom already so she immediately recognized what it was.
I think she likes it!

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