Monday, December 21, 2015

Riding the Holiday Train for Nana's birthday

The CTA Holiday Train was on the red line this week so we walked over and, with very few people on the platform, were pretty excited about our chances of snagging a seat.

We had just enough time to wave at Santa before cramming ourselves on the train. Literally, I was pushing and leaning to get on. The girls were completely squished and I was a bit worried that they might not be able to breathe with all the tall people and coats.
After a few stops, we managed to snag two seats so the girls sat down to devour the candy canes the elves were passing out.

We got off at Lake Street so we could see the windows at Macy's and pickup some donuts to celebrate Nana's birthday. Len and Nana took the girls up close to see Santa as he rode out of the station while I tried to snap a few photos from on top of a bench.

 Some carolers gave the girls giant candy canes.

Back home, we all made home-made pizza and settled in to watch a holiday movie. Then we took a break to sing happy birthday to Nana and eat donuts!
Kate's card to Nana.
Lucy's card.

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