Sunday, January 10, 2016

A busy start to 2016

We've a lot going on here (although I never feel like I've actually accomplished much at all). In order to feel like I have accomplished something, I'm going to post about it! So this will be a rather wide-ranging post, encompassing all kinds of topics, because that's just how my year has been going thus far.

I think I'll work my way backwards from today. I got a brand new husband this afternoon--new glasses! And of course you must take a picture with each child...to be FAIR!

Yesterday was Kate's birthday party. My friend Josephine took beautiful photos that I hope to see soon but in the meantime, here are a few that I took. Of course, no birthday would be complete for Kate until we have our pre-party meltdown and follow-up, tear-stained picture in front of the cake.
The theme was Wild Kratts, a PBS show about all-things creatures. The girls made the goody bags themselves, cutting out the creature-power disks and gluing them to the bags before filling it with a creature mask and some Wild Kratts activity sheets.

Fortunately, cleansed and purged of tears, Kate's mood did a 180 and she was happy as a clam for the rest of the day.

Sue, from Sue's Party Animals came and was fantastic! She had a bevy of interesting creatures including a rat/hamster mix...

 a hedgehog...
and a corn snake.
There were quite a few more creatures--they will be in the followup post with Jo's pictures.

After a quick cleanup of party detritus, Kate set about opening her presents.
Kate discovered the junie b. jones series at her friend Lucy Ds house. Josephine and Ben gifted her with her first set much to her delight.

 Kate with her loot.
Lucy also received a few gifts from some friends who had been unable to attend her party last month--it made her day!
Bella loved the bags and tissue paper!
We are saving her gifts from family for her to open on Tuesday, her actual birthday.

On Thursday last I got a call from the school saying that Kate had fallen on the playground and that her eye was swelling up and looked bad. It was in the same spot where she had had a nasty gash in November 2014.
It swelled up a bit further than this overnight and...
I was worried that she was going to end up with a black eye for her party but after two days with ibuprofen and ice packs, things settled down.

We had a playdate with Lucy D. during the holiday break. Christy supervised them making gluten-free, egg/dairy/nut-free pumpkin muffins! (No, not for faddish reasons but b/c her girls have celiac disease and allergies to nuts, eggs and dairy--a miserable combo of allergies that I cannot imagine having to work around. Christy is Super-Woman).

With Nana's help before she went home, Kate finished her very first pot-holder. She is so proud!
I think that about covers January thus far. Based on the first 10 days I'd say it's shaping up to be a busy start to 2016.

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