Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A frigid birthday celebration

Kate's birthday was yesterday so Len and I had lunch at school with her to celebrate. We got there in time for circle time and the celebration of her 6 years of life around the sun.

Kate made a timeline of her 6 years, with pictures at each age.

I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help but laugh at their classmate's creative use of his lunch snack. And yes, he did eat them...all of them.
Kate chose ice cream sandwiches to share with the class, much to Lucy's delight!
With their teacher's blessing, I surprised them by taking them with me after lunch, skipping the afternoon portion of school so we could go sledding. We got more snow than expected and it managed to cover Cricket Hill at Montrose Harbor. We were the only ones on the hill. We were the only ones ANYWHERE at the lake.
That's because we were the only ones crazy enough to be outside! The air temp registered 15 degrees on the car and the weather man said the wind chills at the lake were around -10. The girls had a helluva time slogging back up the hill in the blowing snow. You can see them struggling to keep hold of their sleds in the wind.
Lucy lost her sled a couple of times and had to chase it all the way down the hill and across the field.
Alas, my phone died before I could get anymore pictures--it was so cold it killed my battery within 5 minutes. We lasted nearly 30 minutes before I started feeling pins and needles in my legs from the wind and we headed home for hot chocolate.

We spent the rest of the afternoon painting rocks from the kit Ms. Julie gave to Lucy.
We supplemented with some rocks and shells from Kate's collection.

After Len came home and we had some supper,  Kate opened her gifts from family. Lucy wanted Kate to open her card and gift first.
Kate has been asking for a tool kit like the one Lucy received from Papa and Meme so Lucy gifted her with a set.
A crystal geode kit from Nana.
 A dress from Uncle Terry & Tita Wheez.
Books from Papa and Meme.
Kate made herself a card--if you hold it up to a mirror it will say "Evening sky". She wrote it all backwards.
A moon telescope from Yia Yia and Pappou.
And a sea scope for looking at stuff underwater from Aunt Kathy.
Len and I gifted her with the classic game of Twister and crystal mining kit. She was a pretty happy camper!

I'm hoping to get her Love Letter done this weekend once I can sort through the party pictures.

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