Saturday, January 2, 2016

Heart Letter, Month 73

Dear Lucy,

You are 73 months old!
This has been a topsy-turvy month, encompassing your birthday and Christmas. You've now been six for one entire month, a fact that you have not let anybody, but especially Kate, forget. This is the only month in which you can claim that you are another age than your sister and you are reveling in that knowledge.

Christmas has been the other all-consuming thing on your mind.
We kicked off the season with our annual Breakfast with Tomten at the Swedish Museum.

You were thrilled with Santa finally arrived, jumping up and clapping for him.
You got your letter ready!
"Dear Santa, I want a big lion. Lucy"

I think you must have been a very good girl this year because sitting under the tree Christmas morning was a big, stuffed lion who you promptly named Mustafa.

Nana came to visit for the holidays and you were very happy to see her when she came to school for lunch and circle-time. We had some fun adventures including baking cookies, riding the Santa train downtown to see the Macy's windows, and painting bowls that she gave you and Kate for Christmas.

Your bowls are on the right.

Your other big project this month was to finish your yarn pouch on the loom you got for your birthday.

You had us all laughing last night after this episode:

You were taking a long time in the bathroom and when I asked if you were ok, you said you needed to poop. When I went in after a few minutes to get the bathwater ready, you stood up to flush and I noticed a rather empty toilet:

Me: I thought you had to poop.
You: My butt changed its mind.

I love that you can make me laugh so much.

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