Monday, January 18, 2016

Kate's 6th birthday in pictures

My friend Jo got in some more photography practice at Kate's birthday party. I must say, if you're looking to have someone photograph your kid's party, you should call Jo (especially before she starts charging professional rates--seriously, contact me and I will put you two in touch). She's unobtrusive, on time and gets some really great shots, leaving you free to enjoy the party. I'll let her pictures do the rest of the talking on her behalf.

 Kate's theme this year was Wild Kratts, a PBS show about the Kratt brothers who educate about all kinds of creatures. To that end, I hired Sue's Party Animals to come with some live creatures to teach us about.

Waiting in an-ti--ci---pa------tion.
First to come out a combo rat/hamster.

Next was a parakeet.


Various types of lizards (geckos I think)

Jo's son, Ben, practicing taking photos just like his mama!

A corn snake came next.

The snake was very popular with Lucy who was the only kid, at first, to want it draped around her neck.

Kate was a bit more tense about it...

The guinea pigs were very popular. When they came out, Lucy, who still had the snake around her neck, tossed the dangling snake's tail around her neck like a scarf and reached out for the hamster. I was truly hoping the snake was not hungry.

The hedgehog, because of his spines, was not passed around but everyone got to feel him. For the record, he felt like a very coarse hairbrush.

The chinchilla was also a favorite--so soft!

Soon it was time for cake!

Six years old...hard to believe.

 I thought this was an interesting shot since it was not posed. She snapped it at just the right moment.
One happy little girl and her happy mama.
It started to snow about halfway through the party much to everyone's delight.
Reunited with their former classmate, Scarlette, who is now in first grade.

Len draped Lucy's fake snake around his neck. That made him VERY popular.

Time for the party favors...some Wild Kratt's activity sheets and animal masks.

And that was that! Another party in the books.

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