Thursday, January 21, 2016

Love Letter, Month 72

Dear Kate,

You are now 72 months old--6 years!
Your birthday FINALLY got here and I thought we might make it without a meltdown but alas, 'twas not to be. As soon as it was time to get dressed, the fireworks began, ostensibly over clothes and hair but I do think it's just that the build-up is too much to manage and it manifests through sensory issues.
As these things do, the storm passed just prior to everyone's arrival and the party went on without a hitch. You, in fact, enjoyed it immensely! We had an animal educator come with various creatures. Your favorites were the fat-tailed gecko, the snake and the chinchilla.

Early winter is always a hard season for you since you have to wade through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Lucy's birthday and Christmas in order to get to YOUR birthday. I really do hope (since this will be the case FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE) that you can find a way to be present for each celebration, enjoying it while it lasts before leaping ahead to the next event. It will make you ever-so-much-happier. And if it doesn't, at least it will make those around you happier.

December was full of Christmas activities and a visit from Nana. We started out our adventures by riding the CTA Holiday Train downtown to see the Macy's windows and pickup donuts for Nana's birthday celebration.

You made her a lovely card this year.
You really enjoyed making Christmas cookies!
But not so much letting me take pictures of your cookie dough face...

After opening the present Charlie the Elf left for you (a nightgown) and setting out cookies, milk and carrots, Christmas day was upon us finally.
Your most fervent desire was fulfilled when you found a metal detector waiting for you under the tree from Santa.
You wasted no time getting dressed after the last of the presents were unwrapped so we could try out your detector at the beach.
This was the Christmas (and birthday) of science and geology gifts much to your delight. You asked for and received several different kits that allow you to excavate for bones, crystals and geodes; a microscope for looking at things underwater as well as a telescope for the starry sky (although we'll have to get out of the city to use it!).
Lucy gifted you with your very own tool kit since you have been coveting hers for a while.
Art projects were your next favorite activity. You painted bowls with Nana (yours are on the left)

And she also helped you make a potholder.

Nana and I got to join you for lunch at school right before Christmas break. Your teachers gave us a card with all of your classmates.
This month, Daddy and I got to help you celebrate your birthday at school.

I surprised you by taking you and Lucy home early so we could go sledding on what turned out to be a frigid afternoon with wind chills in the negatives. You made 6-7 good runs down the hill before agreeing that going home for hot chocolate was a better idea.
So. You are six now and I can hardly believe it. I think you feel that way sometimes too. You told me the other night as I was tucking you into bed that you wished you could stay a baby forever. You said it was because you missed just being able to stay home with me, to stay in your jammies and play and read.

Oh honey, you will feel that way at various times in your life...I do and I'm MUCH older than you. But think of everything you would miss: eating roasted duck, digging for buried treasure, exploring new lands, reading books with chapters (and without pictures), riding horses...the world is vast and wonderful and ready for you to discover it.

But every now and then you can take a day off, stay in your jammies and hang out with your mama. I won't mind.

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