Sunday, January 3, 2016

Yoga Date

Lucy and I have been having a hard time this month, clashing over most everything. Mostly I think it's because we are very much alike temperamentally and there really is only room for one Diva at a time in the house. So I suggested that we have a Mommy/Daughter date, with her choice of activity. She requested a yoga class so off we went yesterday afternoon. We had a great time and it really healed a lot of the friction between us.

Have I mentioned how limber this child is??
We were the only people in the class yesterday. Two other families had signed up but didn't come so we had the whole room to ourselves with the instructor.

 Perfect Lotus position.

Notice the space under her body--she is lifting her body up off the ground with her arms while in Lotus position.
We ended our date with a green smoothie and some running around on a snowy playground.

Snowy playground from Lisa on Vimeo.

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