Monday, February 29, 2016

The Big Five-OH!

My lovely husband just passed a big milestone last week--he turned half a century old! His AARP card came in the mail to prove it!

The girls and I helped him to celebrate at home on the big day.

Alas, I had packed away all the birthday candles/decoration in preparation for listing our condo (we are moving--that's a story for another post though) so all I was left with was this one wide, mostly burned-down candle rolling around in the kitchen junk drawer.

Sad candlesticks aside, I had planned a surprise for later in the week. Saturday was the big day and I had planned a whole afternoon of grown-up activities (beginning with the new Van Gogh exhibit) culminating with dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood spots (Big Jones) with some friends. The afternoon activities did not happen as we had a bevy of people coming by to view our condo and we had to clean up after Julie got the girls out of the house but I did manage to pull off the surprise dinner. Conan & Annie and Christiana & Grant surprised Len by joining us for a wonderful evening.

Dessert came with a more appropriately sized candle for the birthday boy.

The evening became an even bigger celebration when we got the news that our condo had multiple offers. We accepted an offer and were able to call off the open house for the following day. More on where we are headed to next in another post.

Happy Birthday my love!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Len! Oh my, I am eager to hear where you are moving to, local or further a field? Looking forward to the next post.


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