Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Heart Letter, Month 75

Dear Lucy,

You are 75 months old today.
Things have been a bit hectic around here lately and I didn't realize I had forgotten to include the lists of your favorites on your 6 year birthday so here it is now:

Favorite color(s): red/yellow
Best friend: Daniel
Favorite animal: lion
What do you want to be when you grow up: Veterinarian
Favorite movie: Lion King
Favorite book: Disney Bedtime Stories
What makes you happy: When mommy is nice. (haha!)
What makes you sad: When someone hits or makes fun of me
Favorite food: cereal, mac/cheese
Favorite song: Jingle Bells
Favorite game: Rocket (on the playground)
Favorite tv show: PJ Masks

This month has mostly been consumed with Chinese New Year, visiting uncles and gearing up our condo for sale. Let's start with CNY since it covers almost half the month. Your red dress is one that we got for you in China. You were so happy to wear it that you had it on most of the month.
Your school organized a New Year's feast at a restaurant in Chinatown. Here you are with Patricks' mom, Ms. Xiang, Ms. Mehreen and Ms. Zixuan.
All of the classes put on a joint show for the parents before the food arrived.
Our local neighborhood held the Argyle Street Chinese parade. It was frigid as usual but we enjoyed watching the lion dances and the dragon procession.

Uncle RyRy and Uncle Paul came to your classroom for lunch one day. You loved having them there!

We stayed after lunch and I read to your class while the younger ones either went home or to the naproom.

Valentine's Day kind of got lost in the shuffle and went largely un-noticed save for your Meme who sent you and Kate hand-made mermaid blankets. Each blanket took her 2 weeks to knit! They are perfect for snuggling under during an afternoon tv show.
Later in the month, your class went to see a play at Lifeline Theatre called "Sparky". I could not get the book in hard copy form but I did manage to download it from the library so we read it before the show.
Shia was your bus-buddy!
Which reminds me of this conversation when we got home that evening:

Me: I like Shia. He seems nice.
You: He's a good man.

We had a day off from school so we decided it would be a good time to spend the Disney gift card you received for your birthday. You then decided you wanted to have more than the $25 allotted on the card so you raided your piggy bank for the cash you've saved from birthdays/holidays. You walked into the store with $39 burning a hole in your pocket, headed straight for the Toy Story section, picked up Buzz Lightyear and then made a beeline for the Lion King area for a stuffed lion.

Done and done. It took less than 5 minutes and you never wavered in your choices as Kate dithered on for another 25 minutes, covering every square inch of the store to be sure she was making the best choice.

I'm happy to report that you have not once regretted your decision--you play with them both every day. It was money well spent!

You had two other "firsts" this month. You managed to locate the drum set at Ms. Angel's house during a Chinese New Year's dinner. You were the ONLY ONE who was thrilled about that. (But I do have to admit that you have an innate sense of rhythm and you were not just willy-nilly bashing the bejeebers out of the drums...you were working the foot pedal in time to your well-placed beats on the drums and cymbals).
And for your haircut this month, you had your first wash in the hairdresser bowl which you positively LOVED.

Two of your favorite things are to have your back scratched and to have your head rubbed. You were writhing in pleasure as Ms. Patty gave you a very soapy scalp massage.

Our other big event this month has been the impending move out of your first "home". We are gearing up to move this summer and with that in mind, put our condo on the market last week. We were quite lucky in that we got it under contract within 5 days of going live but the lead up to it has been hard on you. A good amount of your toys are in storage and the emphasis on cleaning up after yourself has been a thorn in your messy side. Although you love to clean, you are not a naturally tidy person so, for example, the effort of getting your clothes into the hamper (and not on the floor next to the hamper) has taken its toll on our relationship this month.

Fortunately, you are very excited about having a yard (with the end goal of having a dog, you have reminded me every chance you get) and going to a new school that offers music, arts and sports programs during the day (which are where your passions lie (lay??)). We took you and Kate out to look at a few houses one weekend, to play on the playground at your new school and to eat at a local restaurant on a frozen lake.
Overall, you are pretty excited but I can tell there is some latent anxiety associated with leaving what is familiar. You have asked repeatedly if we will be able to see our friends and come back to Chinatown. You ask what will be coming with us (Bella? Yes. Our couch? Yes. The dishwasher? No. Our beds? Yes. The laundry? Unfortunately, yes.).

Change is always hard but it can be exciting too. Old friendships may fade but you will always keep the friendships that are deep and strong, even if it's just as a fond memory of a different time in your life. I have found that some wonderful friends are here for only a season, some friends come in and stay forever and still others come in and out over the years, as comfortable today as they were 20 years ago.

You and I are very similar in that we make friends easily and embrace change as an exciting new adventure. Moving from Chicago is going to be one of my tougher moves since it holds so many wonderful memories of our adventures together, but I feel confident that we will make as many wonderful memories in our new home.

Including sister-wrestling while I'm trying to use the bathroom.

Or, just maybe, you can let me use the bathroom in peace when we move....mmmmkay?


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