Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way!

The girls are super excited for Easter to arrive. We spent today coloring eggs, making various salads from their grandmothers' recipes for tomorrow's dinner, and enjoying the sunshine. Len took them on a bike ride to the park after lunch while I got things prepped for egg making.

They got right to work as soon as they returned.

Lucy combined the red and blue to make purple and Kate combined yellow and orange to see if she could m

It wasn't quite purple but was lovely with a little glitter sprinkled onto it.
 For the last egg, we combined all the colors hoping to get black. It came out more eggplant colored.

Our sunny afternoon gave way to cloudy and cold towards the supper hour. Our two hungry girls sat down on the deck to supervise the grilling of the steaks.
With the girls safely tucked into their beds, Mama and Daddy bunny got to work getting their baskets ready. Lucy's basket holds her favorite chocolate panda cookies, some chocolates, lip balm, a slinky and another favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol, on a new toothbrush.
Kate's is similar except that she prefers vanilla cookies and My Little Pony for her toothbrush. Kate's original slinky was bent beyond fixing on a playdate long ago so I replaced hers.
We'll have an egg hunt tomorrow morning--our last in this yard.

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