Saturday, March 12, 2016

Love Letter, Month 74

Dear Kate,

You are 74 months old.
You continue to love all things Chinese. On a recent trip to spend some of your holiday gift money, you scoured all the Disney princesses until you locked eyes on Mulan. You swept her up with a happy grin and never looked back.

You received a Chinese chess set from Uncle RyRy and Uncle Paul last month and have been quite hot to learn how to play.
Xiang lao shi agreed to teach you after school and, as a bonus, both she and Qiongwei arranged for you to go to her class once a week to play against the 1-3 graders.

We celebrated Lantern Festival at Ms. Angel's house last month and I'm not sure who was more thrilled when you managed to snag both of the duck butts on the platter; you because you love them or Ms. Angel because most kids don't typically like them.
More Chinese cooking ensued this month when Ms. Anita invited us to her house for hot pot and a cooking lesson for scallion pancakes.

You continue to thrive at school as well. You are quite happy with your new workbooks that cover comprehension. You say they are "much more interesting than the other ones."

 Your letters have become quite decorative of late as well with lots of curls at the ends.
And these love notes that I find hiding in various places around the house make my day every single time I see them. I find them in my nightstand drawer, on the bathroom counter and tucked next to my jewelry box.

Although you haven't done any of your displays in a while, you did manage to rope Lucy and Natalie into a full kitchen display today during a playdate. First you and Lucy roped off the kitchen and then you pressed Natalie into service arranging various vignettes on the counters.

You took special care with your chess pieces. You have amassed nearly an entire new set as each Wednesday you come home with another piece. You said that for each lesson, one pair of students receives a chess piece for good behavior and your goal is to have a complete set.

Your other big accomplishment this month was to take a risk and let go to swing hand-over-hand on the monkey bars. You were SO PROUD and I think I was more happy that you found the courage to do it rather than in the actual act itself.

This month continues to see you growing out your hair. Although you don't really want long hair, you say you are tired of everyone asking if you are a boy. I have to say it makes me sad to hear you caving into peer pressure to "look like a girl" but I do understand that the need to fit in is huge and peer pressure can be overwhelming. It's tough to stand up to your peers.
 But remember this line from your new favorite book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: "There are all kinds of courage," said Dumbledore, smiling. "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. I therefore award ten points to Mr. Neville Longbottom."  I hope you hold this in your heart as you grow because someday, more than just the length of your hair may be pressured upon you to change. Ignore the boos; they usually come from the cheap seats.

With all the activity swirling around us these past few months, I forgot to interview you about your favorites so here they are:

Favorite color: Red
Best Friend(s): Chengze and Shia
Favorite animal: cat
What do you want to be when you grow up: Archaeologist/scientist
Favorite movie: Elf
Favorite book(s): The Book of Nonsense, Treasure Hunters Handbook and Harry Potter
What makes you happy: Coming home after a long trip.
What makes you sad: When people make fun of me or of my friends.
Favorite food: Cherries
Favorite song: Happy Happy Guo Da Nian
Favorite game: Chess (regular and Chinese), Pop-up
Favorite tv show: Wild Kratts

And now for the Kateisms of the month:

To Len when he set his bag down near her chair in the restaurant:
"That's not in a very convenient location Daddy."

I overheard this as I was cooking supper:
Lucy: OWWWW!
You: Well, you knocked over all my animals that were neatly arranged.
Lucy: I guess I'm not that great a friend.
You: You ARE a great friend. You just need to stay off my bed.


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Elizabeth said...

How anybody could mistake that beautiful face as a boy is beyond me! We went through the same thing with my sister when she was little and even got thrown out of a barber's shop in Spain because when he saw my sister's locket he got very upset and sent us packing. Oh my goodness your girls are growing up. They are learning and doing so many things.


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