Friday, April 1, 2016

Heart Letter, Month 76

Dear Lucy,

You are 76 months old.
The weather seems to have turned a corner as it usually does in March, bidding adieu to winter and snow, such as it was this year. Spring has arrived and with it, much more outdoor time which has made you a happier girl. We have spent many an after-school afternoon at the local parks and I am astounded every time I see just how agile and strong you are.

There is nothing that you won't climb and you are delighted when I point out what a little monkey you are.
Every night at bedtime we have a ritual where we ask each other, "What was your worst and favorite part of the day?" If you have been to a playground, that is always, hands down, your favorite part. Your worst part invariably involves perceived slights from friends or not being first. If you could always be first and live in a playground, you would achieve nirvana.

But since that is not reality, we did have a few other adventures this month. Your friend, Natalie, and her mom invited us to attend the China Care group at Northwestern University one Saturday. You and Kate had a blast learning to use chopsticks and making your own personal seal.
We also had Natalie over for a playdate where you spent quite a lot of time taking selfies.

You got to practice quite a bit of your Mandarin language skills with Ms. Anita as she gave you and Kate cooking lessons for scallion pancakes and hot pot. You surprised both Daddy and me with the ease with which you conversed with her.

Easter was the big event this month though. You and Kate spent most of the month making cards, cutting out endless eggs and making posters.
You enjoyed dyeing the eggs but you were most excited when we poured all the colors together to try to make black.
We only succeeded in making a muddy purple color but you fixed it up with some glitter and it ended up being one of the prettiest eggs on the table.
Finally Easter arrived and you were ready to roll! Daddy and I gifted you with both with new dresses and the weather cooperated enough that only sweaters were demanded for our last egg hunt in our Chicago yard.

The favorite thing in your Easter basket was an electric toothbrush.
The first time you used it you were amazed. Usually, because of the way your teeth are spaced, you collect a lot of food in-between your teeth and most of it doesn't come out until you floss. After you brushed with your new toothbrush, you looked in the sink after rinsing and said, "Now that did some damage!" which totally cracked both of us up!

Happy Spring my love. I look forward to many a warm afternoon watching you climb to your heart's content. You have grown so strong since I first met you. You could barely walk two houses down the street before becoming winded and you had so little muscle strength that you would fall back easily when sitting in the swing. And now you are climbing and swinging and running with ease.

You are beautiful inside and out.

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