Sunday, May 1, 2016

Heart Letter, Month 77

Dear Lucy,

You are 77 months old today.
Daddy and I went in for your last school progress report with Ms. Qiongwei and Ms. Yi-Chu last month. You are doing well overall and have improved dramatically in both your Chinese and English skills. Here were their individual comments on various areas:

Mathematics: Lucy is currently working with golden beads materials that are helping her associate numerals and quantities of 1-9999. She is working with single digit subtraction. Lucy has mastered basic money work, values of coins and basic clock reading.

Target Language and Literature: Lucy has demonstrated great progress in Chinese comprehension and communication skills. She likes to learn and write Chinese characters.

To that point, you brought home an autobiography you had been working on all week. It was a lot of work!
"My name is Lucy. I like cheese crackers."
"I love my mom, dad, little sister, Bella"
"I love my dog toy (your stuffed dog Flossie). I love my country."
"I love to play soccer"

English Language and Literature: Lucy has made great improvement in English reading and writing this year. She is very interested in doing the Primary Phonics Workbooks. She has also mastered Primary Phonics Reading Books level 1.
This is a story you brought home about you and Kate going into space.

Practical Life: Lucy's fine motor and gross motor skills have progressed very well through practicing with the practical life materials. She still likes to work with them whenever there is a new material on the shelves. She is also very willing to help clean the classroom after lunchtime.

I can tell this is the case as most mornings finds you whipping up your own "puffy eggs" as you like to call scrambled eggs. You have become quite masterful at cracking open the egg and whipping it to a frothy frenzy all without spilling a drop.
And you were very helpful when we needed to scrub the decks clean this month, working harder than any of us to get all the spots clean!
Sensorial: Lucy has mastered the binomial cube, trinomial cube and the power of two work. She is currently working with the advanced shapes, polygons, and geometric solids.

Cultural Subjects: Lucy has been learning about animals around the world, the five classes of vertebrates, parts of different animals, parts of a tree, leaf and flower, lifecycle of a butterfly and land and water forms. She is also very excited about changes of the seasons, holidays and festivals, and science experiments like exploring magnetic vs non-magnectic.

Other comments: Lucy is a very tough kid. She is willing to work hard to get what she wants. Lucy has made very nice academic progress this year. "Fair" is very important to Lucy. However, we would like to encourage Lucy to be more understanding and aware of others' needs, intentions and feelings. We are going to miss Lucy and Kate so much!!

Your teachers pegged you quite well with the issue of fairness. That has been an important issue for you for as long as I can remember. In fact, we were reading about that tonight. You've been asking if we can read the Heart Letters, that I've had bound into books, for our bedtime storytime. Tonight we were reading about your 4th year of life in which you were loudly telling me, "THAT'S NOT FAIR!" so it seems that you are at least consistent in your values!

Our adventures this month included meeting up with Ms. Vicky and her family for hot pot in Chinatown.

You had a day off from school so we went to the Field Museum to see the Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors and Sue, the giant T-Rex.

You enjoyed the dinosaur better.

We continued meeting up with Northwestern's China Care group which you really enjoy.

One of your best qualities is your ability to make friends. You remember names quite well and are quick to engage others in play no matter where we find ourselves.

You became very attached to Euie when we traveled to Houston this month. You were jealous when his friends arrived and stole some of his attention from you!
Speaking of Houston, you are still wishing we could return. You miss Ms. Paivi, Mr. Euan, Euie and Flossie as well as your daily swims.

We ended up getting referred back to your cleft team after Dr. Boyd noticed that your fistula either had a tooth erupting or the actifuse was working its way out again.
It's not a tooth but is the actifuse from the bone graft not staying put, according to Dr. Vicari. That means another surgery is in your future. Fortunately, he said we could wait and watch it so there is no rush to go under the knife again right away.
While we were there, you had a hearing test. You passed.
We also met with the speech pathologist who said that you still have some articulation difficulties but that they are unrelated to your cleft. The sounds that are giving you trouble are saying: th for s, th/s for sh and w for r. We're going to see if we can get speech therapy through your new school once we move.

You are still very much the fashion queen of the house, putting together your own outfits and sometimes, when Kate will let you, styling her as well. You were thrilled when Ms. Patty brought out the temporary hair dye after your haircut this month.

Of course you made sure it matched your outfit!

And now for the Lucyism from this month:

Me to Daddy: Can you open this jar for me?
Daddy, struggling to open the jar, gets out a towel for leverage.
Me: What are we going to do when we're old?
You: We will open it for you. Did you forget about us....your lovely children?
Oh honey, I could never forget you!


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