Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kate's last flute recital at NMS

Before I begin, can I just say that it is in the 40s and breezy which really just translates to WINDY AND COLD. I am miserable. I really hate this time of year--spring is just lost on me. It's not warm and breezy....it's windy, cold and mostly rainy. It totally sucks.

Now for the sunshine and flowers portion of the post!

Kate celebrated her last recital at the New Music School today. She was one of about 20 or so young performers and she was only one of two flutists.

Here she is watching another performer.
She performed Yankee Doodle and This Old Man

Kate's last recital at NMS from Lisa on Vimeo.
Everybody is smiling because cake is in the next room!
With Steve, who has been a great teacher for over a year! We will really miss him when we move.

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