Thursday, May 12, 2016

Love Letter, Month 76

Dear Kate,

You are 76 months old.
Let's jump right into our adventures this month shall we? First up was a spring break trip to Houston where we visited with Ms. Paivi, Mr. Euan, Euie and Flossie. You surprised me by being the one who would rather walk Flossie than ride Euie's go-cart. Fortunately, Lucy was on board with the trade.
You had all sorts of fun adventures from swimming to climbing at a playspace to dinners out to visiting Chinatown.

You challenged Mr. Euan  to endless games of tic-tac-toe.
In fact, you are quite the games-girl and are happiest when engaging someone to play with you whether it be tic-tac-toe, word search, crossword puzzles, checkers, chess, or various other board games.  You even managed to rope Dr. Boyd into a quick match at your latest dental appointment.
You reached a few milestones this month including learning to brachiate on the individual rings,

learning to climb even higher in a tree (although you do so with much trepidation, fighting back your fear of falling with an even stronger need to conquer that fear)
and learning to tie shoes which then led to your very first pair of non-velcro sneakers (and subsequently increasing our lead time to leave the house in the mornings...).
You marched (er, rode your scooter) in your first parade--the Oak Park Ethnic Festival Parade--representing your school.
You've been having a lot of nosebleeds over the past year, some of which are quite profuse and go on for upwards of an hour. I got you in to see Dr. Rastatter, Lucy's ENT, who did a quick check and confirmed that your blood vessels are very close to the surface, especially on the left side. Although he has never cauterized vessels on a child under 10 without general anesthesia, after a few minutes with you he was convinced that you would be able to hold still long enough to handle the procedure. And you were...even when it was burning a bit, you held completely still and came through it like a champ.
Your artwork has increased this month, especially as a new work was introduced wherein you paint on a glass slide, make designs on it and then apply it to paper. You came home with some really lovely work.

You also wrote a short biography in both characters and pinyin, complete with colored illustrations.
 "My name is Kate. I like to eat cherries."
"I love my family". From left to right, the people you drew are: Pappou, YiaYia, Nana, Meme, Daddy, Papa, Mama, Lucy, Kate and Bella.
"My favorite toy is a doll. Her name is Other Baby with Hair"
"I love to play flute. I love Chinese chess."

Your writing has become quite....curly and dramatic. I receive a lot of these types of notes every day:
You are constantly leaving me notes that take me on a treasure hunt around the house to find your final love note:
"First go to the black shelf behind my chair. Search for the clue. Kate." "Now go to the kid's bathroom and search for your clue."  "Got to Lucy room and look for love note."
"You are the best mommy in the world. I love you so much!!! Love Kate"
I love you too silly head.
And now for the Kateisms of the month:

One of the parents at school thinks you are a doctor because you pack us such a good, healthy lunch.

As you were cuddling up to Daddy for storytime before bed:
Daddy: Oh my gosh your hands are so COLD!
You: At least you're getting a cuddle!

You were showing Daddy one of your latest arrangements:
Daddy: How do you decide what your arrangements will look like?
You: I let the rocks and shells tell me where they want to go. 
Daddy: How do you do that?
You: If I'm holding two near each other, one of them will tell me how to place it next to the other one.

Once again, the depths of what goes on inside that head of yours astounds me.

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