Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lucy's first piano recital

Lucy performed in her very first piano recital this morning and did beautifully. She was the first performer (of 30!) and was anxiously awaiting the signal for her to come up to the stage.
And then she went right to it. She performed Baa Baa Black Sheep and Every Witch Way.

Lucy's First piano recital from Lisa on Vimeo.

Many of the other Chinese teachers showed up to lend support including Lucy's very first teacher, Ms. Xiang.
 This is her piano teacher, Ms. San-Nan.
Group photo of all of San-Nan's students who performed today.
In other news, we are set to close on our Chicago condo tomorrow and close on our lake house on Tuesday. We only have 3 more weeks of school to go and then we will be moved in and starting a new adventure!

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