Friday, May 13, 2016

Taking Calming Measures (WHY ISN'T IT WORKING??!)

Usually making a list will calm me down and make my head stop spinning from trying to hold onto all the pieces of things I need to remember. But somehow, seeing the massive amount of things that still need to be done before we can move, my headache has intensified and I feel overwhelmed. I do believe that it is in this panic state where clever, imaginative people dreamed up shows like "I Dream of Jeannie" or "Bewitched". You know, just "blink your eyes and your work is done" sort of thing?

Instead, I make my list and try not to look too far ahead. In case you are interested and for my own amusement when someday I have to move again, here is my latest to-do list (I wish I hadn't deleted all the things I've already done--maybe I would feel like I had accomplished something right now).

Saturday May 14:
replace outlets on decks
remove child safety locks in bathrooms/kitchen
Sunday May 15:
Kate last flute recital 
Monday May 16:
Meet Gigi at house to discuss wood floor refinishing. Schedule for May 26-June 1
Saturday May 21:
Clean house in prep for walkthough
Sunday May 22:
Lucy piano recital
Condo walkthrough
Monday May 23
Condo close
House walkthrough
Tuesday May 24
House close
Meeting with school admissions (take all paperwork for this)
Wednesday May 25
Meet carpet cleaners at house
*Len may need to pick up girls at school if this takes too long
Thursday May 26
Meet at house for floor refinisher (need extra key)
Friday May 27
Len to take down shed. Put bikes, etc in garage.
Saturday May 28
Pickup Uhaul truck
Julie here at 12:30
move stuff out of storage (4/5 confirmed with Nicole)
Also take from condo: propane tank, paint, plants, toilet paper, paper towels, fragile items from glass cabinets, bikes, shed.
Sunday May 29-Monday May 30 (happy memorial day weekend)
Take stuff off shelves
Remove pic over mantle
Remove drapes/rod
Change AC filter
Empty glass cab and remove from wall
Take stuff off shelves
Remove hanging elephants off shelf
Remove mirrors
Remove drapes/rod
Remove sign over door
Remove drapes/rod
Remove the K stuck to wall
Remove sign over door
Remove signs and tchotchkes over doors
Remove coat racks
Remove signs over doors
Empty glass cab and remove
Remove bolted pic frame
Remove plates/plate hangers
Remove bedside lamps
Monday May 31
Girls to Dr. Boyd after school (CHANGE ADDRESS WITH THEM)
Sometime week of June 1-3
Call to schedule locksmith for house
Label rooms in new house for movers
Happy 50th bday to me! (so NOT)
Pack up K&L’s stuff from nightstands
Make sure all bills are paid through June 12
Girls' haircuts June 3 after school
Saturday June 4
Julie here at 12:30
To new house with last minute items and some perishables from fridge/freezer
Buy bottled water
Remove items from overhead shelving in garage
Sunday June 5
Pick up rental car
Pack for Len/girls for hotel; pack food for lunches/snacks (bfast and dinner for the week?)
Clear out MBath of everything in prep for Bella to stay there while movers are here
Pack Lisa’s suitcase, extra sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies/vacuum cleaner (don't let movers take)
Monday June 6
Bella to bathroom with food/litter/water bowl
8:30am—movers arrive to pack
Len pick up girls from school and go to hotel
Tuesday June 7
Bella to bathroom with food/litter/water bowl
8:30am movers arrive—pack truck and move to new house. Give keys to movers.
Clean condo after movers leave; leave keys and garage openers on counter.
Meet movers at new house
Lisa & Bella sleep in new house
Len on school duty
Wednesday June 8
Unpack at house
Len take girls to school
Julie to pick up girls at school
5pm last condo walkthrough (Correna to do)
Thursday June 9
Unpack at house in a.m.
Leave lots of food for Bella for overnight
Lisa to pick up girls at school & clean out their cubbies, pics with teachers
Lisa at hotel for night
Friday June 10
Return rental car
Kindergarten graduation (9:45am dropoff)
To new house
27th wedding anniversary! (hahaha--as if we will have time to mark the occasion...)

Len to do:
Confirm homeowner’s insurance on new place—make copy for school enrollment
Borrow video camera for graduation

Lisa to do:
·         June 6-10--confirm hotel reservations
·         Cancel cable for June 6
·         Turn on internet, cable at new address for May 24
·         See list of people to notify of address change
·         DMV (see saved email)
·         Voter registration (see saved email)

·         Enroll girls in school and CI program


mommy of 2 said...

Oy. I'm stressed just reading all this. Sorry! It'll be over soon???

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! That makes my head spin. Moving is huge but with two little ones - yikes! I also don't recommend moving less than two months after major thoracic surgery like I did. Is there ever a good time to move? Just think of the end result. Your new home with more space, more yard and many new memories. How is Lucy doing with all of this? A while back in one of your posts you mentioned she seemed concerned. I am still trying to find homes for things and miss the 300 sqft I lost but I love my balcony and all my extra light. I will be thinking of you all. Try to keep us posted.


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