Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why walk when you can fly?

First a caveat about the video below: Kate scraped her hand and it did bleed a bit but she's ok (and still jumping!)

Since our commute to/from school takes 30-45 minutes each way, I found that playing books on Audible or Hoopla not only provides complete peace and quiet from the back seat but it has also increased their listening skills. Our repertoire has grown quite a lot and includes the Ramona Quimby series, Pippi Longstocking, Harry Potter book 1, The Whatever After series, Ivy and Bean, Clementine, Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul, The BFG (which I saw is being made into a movie soon!), Tumtum and Nutmeg, The Chronicles of Narnia and our favorite series, Lulu by Hilary McKay.

It was this latest series that the girls were emulating on a recent trip to the park. The books follow the adventures of Lulu and her cousin Mellie and primarily focuses on Lulu's vast love for animals. But there is one thread about how Lulu loves to jump from the highest point of the swing while her cousin just says, "You're mad! Mad! Bonkers Lulu...you just shouldn't do it!" which has now become a favorite quote with K&L, complete with the British accent. But as Lulu is fond of saying, "Why walk when you can fly? Anything is better than boring!"

IMG_8542 from Lisa on Vimeo.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the book recommendation. The Lulu series looks like a lot of fun. I will try it with the kids in September. I will also look into the audible app. Another book the girls might enjoy is "The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark" by Dick-King Smith. I remember this being read aloud to me but I might have been seven. Mind you if they can listen to Harry Potter they can do this book. There are a number of early chapter books by this author that are like the owl book where each chapter is kind of its own story. He has also written longer chapter books.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa,
Sorry, the Owl book is by Jill Tomlinson and she has written other early chapter books. I have been away from work for too long!!!! There is a sample ot the Owl Afraid of the Dark on Audible. I did a search. Now to figure out how it works.


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