Sunday, June 19, 2016

A sailing we will go!

Yesterday we towed our "new" catamaran down to the lake. I say new but it's really only new to us. The previous owners of our house had it for years and today, their daughter Izzy and her fiance Connor agreed to help us get it to the lake and into the water. Izzy grew up sailing this with her brother so she led us through the entire process of getting it setup, sailing it for a bit and then how to properly store it at the lake. I took many video and pics of the process and will share a few here.

After towing it and then bunking it onto the storage rails, Izzy set to work showing us how to attach the sail to the boat.
Once attached and raised, then it was all about how to secure it and get the other parts attached.
Like cupholders! Hah!
All ready to launch!
 Although it took a bit of manuevering to get out of the shallows as this video shows, they were soon out in the middle of the lake.

Maiden voyage from Lisa on Vimeo.

Back on dry land, we rolled up the sail, unhooked the rope, etc. and put it back on the rails for storage.
We found some lifejackets (buy one, get one!) for the girls at a local store so we're hoping to take it out later this morning with all four of us. Here's hoping we don't flip over!

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