Sunday, June 5, 2016

Crazy busy here

I feel like it's been ages since I actually tried to string together something coherent to write here other than my monthly letters to the girls or some random dialogue describing some pictures. We've been in the throes of getting ready to move for what seems like forever. We closed on both our condo and our new house and since then have been in flux between the two places. In our new house we had the wood floors refinished, the carpets cleaned and the whole house cleaned by a crew of people armed with vinegar and rags. In the meantime we've been slowly moving things we don't want the movers to pack into the house as well. And yesterday we plunked some money down on a new Honda Odyssey. That's right--I'm officially going to be driving a van in 2 weeks.

I celebrated my 50th (!!!) birthday on June 3 with a few presents and birthday cookies. We'll ring in our 27th wedding anniversary on June 10. I fear these milestones are being lost in the shuffle though, with all this chaos.

And now we come to tonight--our last in our condo as a family. Tomorrow, Len will take the girls to school and then pick them up and settle into a hotel (with a pool!) for their last week of school. I'll be here with Bella as the movers come tomorrow morning to pack everything. Tuesday the movers return to load it all into the truck and then unpack it all at our new house. I'll then stay in our house and try to organize everything until I have to drive back to Chicago to pick up the girls on their last day of school Thursday. We'll all stay in the hotel for Thursday night and then the girls have their kindergarten graduation ceremony Friday morning in Oak Park. We'll all finally spend our first night together in our new home Friday night (on said 27th wedding anniversary).

It's been an exhausting several months as I've been doing the bulk of the driving back and forth between the two houses. Factoring in traffic and construction, I was logging upwards of 5-6 hours/day in the car by the time I dropped the girls at school, made it to the lake house, drove back to school and then drove home. I NEED A VACATION.

Alas, we had to cancel our annual FL vacation this year. With all of this moving I just couldn't imagine packing up again in 3 weeks time and leaving for a month.

Fortunately, our new house feels a bit like a vacation home. It's situated on 2 wooded acres and the lake is just up the road. We bought a catamaran from the previous owners so we're hoping to use that soon. They also left us a canoe, a kayak, and some fishing poles. I'm envisioning a summer of swimming, sailing, fishing and bike riding.

I'll be going blog-dark for a week or so until we are settled and have everything plugged back in. In the meantime, here are a few shots of where we are going. We seemed to have gone straight from a large city, skipped over the 'burbs and landed in the woods. It's really beautiful!

This is the catamaran we bought with the previous owners enjoying the lake.
Front view of our house during home inspection.
Firepit and the woods on one side of the house--I imagine the girls will have a lot of fun playing in there. Of course, it was still late winter/early spring when these were taken so there's not a lot of green just yet.
Back view of our house.
The lake.
Another view of the lake.
Family room--we had the carpet removed and wood flooring installed last week.
This is the pile of wood planks stacked in the foyer, ready for install into the family room. Dining room is just beyond.
View from dining room into foyer and across to family room.
 Living room before the floors were refinished.
Another view of the living room.
Breakfast area in the kitchen.
A rather large herd of deer grazing nearby!
It's definitely going to be a huge change from where we've been living but overall, I think the change of scenery will do us all some good. And with the commuter train only a 5-10 minute drive from our house, we'll be able to enjoy Chicago as well. That will be the same train Len will take into the city daily--45 minutes on the express train, which means his commute will be relatively the same as it was when we drove every morning on Lake Shore Drive 8 miles to his work.

I'm thinking this blog may turn into a home renovation blog of sorts. Coming from a condo that was new construction back into a home that has not seen work in a while, I fear I have enough to keep me busy until the girls graduate high school.

See you back here in a couple of weeks.

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Heather H. said...

Congratulations! The new place looks really large in the pictures. I love the yard. I bet the girls will love all that space, too! Have a great summer.


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