Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fairytale Neighborhood

That is what one of my friends has called this land that we have moved to after seeing our posts on FB: Fairytale Neighborhood. And it truly does feel that way at times. Yesterday was storytime at Rest Island where a retired teacher volunteers her time and resources to do crafts and read stories. The theme was mermaids and pirates although I think there was only one mermaid in the crowd--the pirates won by a long shot. Kate and Lucy jumped right in and made a pirate's eye patch and then found a spot on the grass to listen to the books.

When she got to the end of the 4th book, we heard a commotion behind us and there were two pirates creeping out of the bushes towards the kids, brandishing super soakers. The kids all grabbed their water guns, filled them from the lagoon, and chased after them. The pirates then hopped on a boat where the third pirate was waiting to rescue them.

There was lots of water fighting.
Someone announced that they had left their map to the buried treasure behind. Kate jumped right in, studied the map for a couple of seconds and announced that it was hidden under the swings on Play Island. Then she took off running.
Over the suspension bridge where the pirates were waiting to soak anyone who dared cross.

The buried treasure was rapidly uncovered from the sand: gold bead necklaces, rings and doubloons.

Snack bags in the form of Pirate Booty was also passed out by another mom. These people know how to do a storytime I must say! Snacks consumed and water guns refilled, the girls joined the fray in the water to cool off and then ambled over to the lagoon side to watch some kids fishing with leftover pirate booty.

It really is as idyllic as it sounds--I feel like I'm going to look at the calendar and realize that vacation is almost over and we need to pack up and head home.

Speaking of packing up, we are still in a state of disarray around here. Last night I finally tackled the pantry situation. I've gone from a giant walk-in pantry to a broom closet. It's so not pretty. Len tackled getting the desk organized since we have some upcoming bills to pay and our paperwork was stacked in piles all over it.

It's really hard to just hunker down and do the dirty work of organizing your home when the lake beckons every day. With summer so fleeting here I am loathe to spend more time inside than I absolutely have to.

One thing I do need to do this weekend though is spray our plants with deer repellent. There are two mama deer and their fawns that hang out in our yard every day as well as quite a few others that roam through and stop for leafy snacks.
With the daylillies about to bloom, I need to make them not so tasty. Fortunately, the previous owners left us some Bobbex in the garage that usually does the trick.

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