Tuesday, June 14, 2016

From City to Country

We are finally settling into our new home/neighborhood after a rather tumultuous few weeks. I have to say that it feels as if we have skipped the 'burbs altogether and landed straight in Mayberry, if Mayberry were situated in the woods with a lake.

I think I'll work my way backwards from today since that is what's freshest in my memory banks. Thus far we don't really have any room in the new house completely unpacked. We are still figuring out where to put things and what will work best in our new circumstances but for the most part, this is starting to feel like home...albeit more of a vacation home than anything. It really does feel like we are on vacation as we have made it to the lake nearly every day since we moved in. It's just a short walk to the actual lake but to get to the beach we have to cross a suspension bridge and walk around to the other side--all told, about a 15 minute casual walk tops.
From the beach side, there are a couple of islands attached by more bridges.
Although I said I wasn't going to sign them up for any activities this summer, I ended up eating my words. While we were at the lake yesterday I found out it was not too late to get in on swimming lessons and once I found out how low the price was for an entire summer of lessons, I signed them right up! (The classes are 2x/week until August for less than half the cost of 1x/week for 4 weeks in the city!). Their first lesson was today and as fate would have it, we were running late so I piled us into the car to drive over and promptly ran over a long metal tool that must have fallen off someone's work truck. It punctured my tire so badly that it started deflating immediately. Got back to the driveway and ended up calling a neighbor (more on them in a minute) who drove right over, picked us up and took us to the beach.

So, about the neighbors. I've met the 4 that live closest to us and several others at the beach. Most of them came by last week while the moving trucks were here and we've met a few more since then. All of them have been very welcoming, filling us in on all the activities available (women's kayaking group every Thursday evening, book club, storytime at Rest Island, movie night, volleyball, tennis, 4th of July festivities, progressive dinners...and that's just for starters). Have I mentioned that it feels like we're on permanent vacation??? One neighbor even brought wine for us and a bucket full of sand toys for the girls.

Back on our property, we are entertained morning and evening with a doe and her fawn who she nurses in the back corner of our yard nearest the woods. I've yet to get a good picture as she is rather skittish and I'd like to keep her that way frankly. We have a few bunnies who have a nest on the opposite corner of the woods, too many chipmunks to count and a rather friendly blue jay who hops around on our deck eating various bugs and who is now my very favorite of all the wildlife just for that fact. Because lordy, the bugs. Everyday I am killing one sort of bug or another inside this house. Old windows and wooded lot=bugs. My first conquest was the wasp trying to build a nest inside our mailbox....that was rather a nasty surprise letmetellyou! And the girls are discovering that bug spray and sunscreen will be de rigueur if they hope to have a happy summer.
As for the move itself, it seemed to take forever. Len and the girls stayed in a hotel which I booked primarily for the pool and the free parking. Turns out the parking was free but the pool was not even filled yet. That made for long afternoons trying to keep the girls entertained at various parks around the city.

Bella and I held down the fort at the condo, supervising the movers.

They packed everything up in one day and then came back the next day to load it all up in the trucks.
By the end of the second day, they had completely unpacked everything, set up the furniture and taken away the boxes.
What this placid picture does not show you though is all the piles of stuff that came out of those boxes. I'll spare you since I've not had the will to actually document the piles. It makes my brain want to short-circuit.

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Elizabeth said...

Looks absolutely fabulous! What a great place to grow up! Also a very different lifestyle I would imagine from the city. It is great the girls will make friends with the neighbourhood kids at the lake. You have a great yard for all sorts of activities. One word of caution, watch what you plant in the garden as it may become deer food. My mum has had a terrible time with deer eating all her flowers and plants. Apparently motion dector sprinklers work pretty well - a recommendtion from a friend in a rural area. Enjoy the summer and looking forward to seeing more photos of the place as you get settled. It must feel great to be on this side of the move. Just take your time to unpack and get settled.


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