Friday, June 24, 2016

Good news from periodontist and summer fun continues

Before we get to the dental report, let's do the fun stuff. Sara and fam are here from Sweden and came for the first of two visits. Christy and her two girls were able to join us and even though the day was a bit cloudy, the rain and storms went to the south and we had several lovely hours of beach time before heading in for supper and baths.

Lina, Lucy D and my two girls were thick as thieves and had a blast in the water and out.

Best friends from Lisa on Vimeo.

They joined in with a group of boys for a game of hot potato.

Two of the girls' favorite lifeguards horsed around with them in the water for a bit (not to worry--there were three other guards on duty).
Feeding time.
Together again--and great minds must think alike because Lina and Lucy D. showed up in matching suits.
Nice to visit in real time instead of over a video feed.
The two littles enjoyed the swings.
Len and Gustav kicking back.
Joy is an appropriate name for this little cutie.
 Leo was not fond of the sand or the water...but he made the best of it on a mat.
Yesterday we drove into the city for Lucy's periodontist appointment. At her last checkup, her xrays revealed that she could potentially have localized juvenile periodontitus. Fortunately, after another set of more exacting xrays were taken and viewed by the periodontist, it was determined that she does not have it. Huge sigh of relief! I mean, I don't know anyone who takes more time with teeth cleaning children--first she brushes with an electric toothbrush, then I follow behind her and do it again, then we floss and finally rinse with fluoride. Her teeth should be super clean!

With that taken care of, the girls wanted to go back to our old condo to see it so we parked and rang the buzzer to visit with Shelly, our previous downstairs neighbor, for a bit. Then we headed down the street to see Ms. Lucy and Brandon who we never got to say goodbye to. Brandon and the girls used to play together after school while I chatted with his mother in her vegetable garden.
Lucy is from China and is still learning English so we tried to communicate in broken English (on her part) and very broken Chinese (on my part), but we muddled through and had a great visit with Kate and Lucy chatting in Chinese to Lucy's visiting sister-in-law. With a bit of help from four of us speaking and reading in Chinese and English, Lucy and I connected up on FB so we'll be able to keep in touch a bit more regularly.
We headed home after meeting Len for dinner at our favorite pho place. Funnily enough, while we were eating supper, a man walked in and introduced himself--he and his wife had bought our condo! Since we did not attend our condo close, we never got the chance to meet them. Turns out he googled us (for which is was profusely embarrassed at admitting) so he recognized us as he was walking past and came in to say hi. We admitted that we had in turn googled them as well so we had a good laugh and chatted for a bit before he walked home.

Worlds colliding yet again.

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