Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Heart Letter, Month 78

Dear Lucy,

You are 78 months old.
Spring has sprung and so have you! You are normally quite an active girl but this month has found you jumping and climbing and running and generally happy to be outside every day after school. Your first request when I pick you up is, "Did you bring a snack?" and your second is, "Can we go to the park?" Yes and yes.

It has even warmed up enough on Memorial Day for a swim in Lake Michigan (although at 53 degrees, you lasted only 5 minutes, which was still 4 minutes and 58 seconds longer than me).
You were quite shivery when you got out!
No matter, you set right to work digging a hole (to China?).
You worked up a sweat lobbing a ball back and forth with daddy. You can just see the orange ball in the upper left corner of this picture--you have quite the arm!
And you can catch too!
Your top two teeth were loose at the beginning of the month and then, just like that, one of them fell out the next day. 
Daddy and I have been a bit concerned with how rapidly your teeth seem to jump ship and then, a few days later, one of the fillings in another tooth fell out and the tooth next to it was looking a bit decayed. A trip to the dentist yesterday revealed that you may have "localized juvenile periodontitis". We won't know for certain until we meet with the periodontist, but the only thing you are aware of is that you don't have to wear any mouth jewelry for the time being--a win in your eyes!

There were a few "firsts" this month including learning to whistle, which you now do NON-STOP. And THAT has been annoying to no one letmetellyou.

You marched in your first parade with your school for the Oak Park Ethnic Festival. You managed to be one of the people to carry the school banner which thrilled you beyond belief. You carried that sign for an hour and never stopped smiling.
Your other really big accomplishment this month was performing in your first piano recital. You practiced every single day and even had a few extra lessons after school to get ready.
You were the very first performer of about 30 kids. You said you weren't nervous but I think you were...just a teeny bit!
Your pieces were "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Every Witch Way". You did a great job and were thrilled when you got to have a picture with San-Nan laoshi.
She even gave you a rose afterwards which you proudly displayed for the rest of the day.
Having some of your other teachers there, like Xiang laoshi, made it even more special.
What I have noticed, though, is how much more confidence you have since that day. You play on your piano much more now and even San-Nan laoshi remarked that you seem to have matured and become more patient with the process of learning a new piece.

And now for a few Lucyisms from this month:

Me: Moving is hard.
You: Especially when you have kids.

You: I want to read that book about the Asians and Junior. 
Me: ?
You: Where Junior comes in and marches with a bunch of Asians and helps them be free.
Me: You mean Martin Luther King, Jr?
You: YES!
Me: It's about the struggle of black people, or African Americans, to be equal to everyone else. Not so much about Asians...do you know the difference between African Americans and Asians?
You: Like Shia?
Me: Yes
You: I'm going to ask him about MLK then. And what it feels like to be black.
Me: Well, then you might want to prepare for him to ask you how it feels to be Asian....how do you feel about being Asian?

I hope you never lose that feeling my darling. What makes you special is your crazy bunch of traits all rolled up into one beautiful package: your humor, your energy, your sparkle, your wit, your mischief, and your unique heritage as a Chinese/American. A lot of adoptees sometimes express that they feel "in-between", that they don't fit in either China or America. I want you to know that you don't have to choose...you are a child of BOTH worlds and that can be so much richer than being a child of just one or of neither. You are made up of unique characteristics from four parents who come from 2 countries. Four parents who love you and whose one concern in life is that you are happy and healthy. What a great place to be.

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