Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Home repair and a bit of light reading

We've had a bit of adventure this week, as one does with older homes.

(On a side note, we had gotten quite spoiled by living in a brand new condo for 7 years. This after living in a 1948 Cape Cod that we had nearly completely renovated back in DC. It feels like we are starting over like we did when we bought our first house.)

We had noticed that whenever we turned on the lights and fans in the girls' rooms and the guest room, they would stutter and flicker and nearly turn off altogether. Not wanting to play around with a potential electrical fire, we called in an electrician. Turns out we had multiple issues.

The first thing he noticed was that someone had replaced all the outlets in their rooms but had not connected the wires properly. They should have been tied off together and then screwed in but they were all jammed in separately causing them to not adequately connect. The next big issue was that the light fixture in Lucy's closet was "hot". When he touched the metal outlet with his screwdriver the whole thing shot sparks. That, too, had not been wired correctly. Lastly, and most importantly, there was arcing in the panel at the buss bar for a couple of the breakers. Two of the breakers had burn marks at the panel. Scary stuff but fortunately, after a couple of hours and a lightened wallet, all was repaired.

I feel like my list of things I'd like to renovate is endless and yet, I still have yet to fully unpack. The designer in me is having a rough go of it. I see projects everywhere, inside and outside. So, I've fallen back on what calms my worried mind: list-making. And man, is it ever long and expensive.

As luck would have it the weather has taken a 20 degree dip making swimming seem less appealing. I say lucky because Kate could not swim until 48 hours after her "surgery" so they have been playing in the yard a lot, mostly frisbee and stomp rocket.

Backyard fun from Lisa on Vimeo.

My turn! from Lisa on Vimeo.

Lucy had her first piano lesson yesterday and loved it. She practices every day and is quite motivated to learn new songs.

Meanwhile, Bella has discovered the deer and is quite fascinated. She spends most of her days camped out in various windows watching the chipmunks, birds and deer that visit our yard.
Today we went to the local library and the girls got library cards for the first time. They were thrilled. They each checked out three books. As soon as we got home Kate settled in at the breakfast table and read two chapters of a book about a fairy who just wants to go to "regular school" instead of fairy school.
Lucy and I sat down on the couch so she could read to me...not what she expected. She said she got the books so I could read to HER. Poor kid...she loves books as long as she doesn't actually have to read them herself. I think she thought that because we listen to so many audio books she wouldn't actually have to learn to read. So we had a short lesson on the words "illiterate" and "unemployment" before sitting down to an agonizing 8 pages of "Fly Guy meets Fly Girl". We might finish the book by the end of this week.

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