Monday, June 27, 2016

Lazy days of summer?

Whoever coined that phrase had neither kids nor unpacking to do. So no, I'm still not unpacked. Most of the main and upper levels are squared away but go into the basement and you will see that I have avoided quite a bit in favor of savoring summer in our new surroundings. There's always winter when the kids are in school to unpack, right?

To be fair, I have hired one of the lifeguards to be a mommy's helper 2x/week for a couple of hours so I can tackle some of the home organizing. She's great and the girls have a fun time with her. She's grown up here and knows all the paths through the woods so she's been out exploring with them. And she let them climb up into the lifeguard chair before hours and then gave them a swim lesson.
We explored one of the local libraries as they had a lunch/show on the lawn last week.

Spoonman from Lisa on Vimeo.

The neighborhood hosted a movie night complete with make-your-own-headband (appropriate since the movie was "Karate Kid") and popcorn. We got there a bit early and the girls played ball on the field.

This past weekend I found a local carnival so we spent a few hours after supper being fleeced by our kids and carny workers.

 Yes, the orange thing is a giant stuffed pile of poop. Fortunately, the girls thought it was a pumpkin...
This, of course, begged me to publish #shithead on instagram...where Len is not a registered user...

Kate's former flute teacher, Steve, recommended a colleague of his who lives locally to continue with Kate's lessons. We met her on Sunday morning.

And because no summer is complete in our house without some sort of medical intervention (difficulty breathingbroken arm, cleft surgeries one and two), we spent this afternoon having this little gem removed from Kate's chest.
It's called a pyogenic granuloma and it appeared a bit before Memorial Day as a small red bump and just kept growing and growing. Then it popped and bled like crazy while Len was with them at the hotel with no bandaids or medical supplies of any kind (because that's when bleeding emergencies happen). We thought it might shrink after it bled but no, the bleeding just seemed to reinvigorate it and it grew some more.

Then we had graduation and moving and living far from all of our doctors and the Chicago Children's hospital so I spent a fair amount of time just finding a dermatologist who would take a new child patient. After another 2 weeks (and several more massive bleedouts), our appointment time finally arrived today.

At lunchtime.

So I packed sandwiches and cucumbers and pretzels and water and we ate in the examination room.
Her upbeat attitude changed once the dermatologist explained what was going to happen. (needles and sharp scissors and finally a burning instrument to cauterize the vessels...).
(Part of the problem of having a vocabulary and speaking manner like Kate's is that adults tend to think of her as capable of handling more information than is really necessary.)

But first would be numbing cream that has to sit for 30 minutes. Lucy to the rescue--she hopped up on the table to share her Nook with Kate to distract her. 30 minutes is a LONG.DAMN.TIME. to sit in an exam room with no toys or books. Thank goodness I thought to bring her Nook which was ostensibly just to keep Lucy busy so I could focus my attention and energy on Kate.
When the 30 minutes were up, an army of 3 arrived to cut the blasted blister off. After many tears and lots of blood and the smell of my daughter's burning flesh, the little ball of blood was put into a jar to be sent for a biopsy just to be certain it is not cancerous. Kate was bandaged up and given a rather grand toy.
Which really looks like a lot of work for Mama since it's designed for ages 8+ and has 3 pages of instructions in super tiny print....

Fortunately, my Mama's Helper is coming tomorrow morning and since Kate can't swim or bathe for 48 hours, this looks like a great way for them to spend their time!

Coming up in future posts:

Lucy has her first piano lesson with her new teacher who also happens to live right next door.

Fourth of July festivities which, I've heard, are legendary in our community.

Another weekend of visitors.

Painting projects in the foyer and the girls' rooms.

Hopefully a few photos of us sailing.

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