Monday, June 13, 2016

Love Letter, Month 77

Dear Kate,

You are 77 months old.  You are one month older than last month and you graduated from kindergarten. Love, Mama.

I'm so exhausted this month that I wish, (oh how I wish!) that I could stop right there and just insert a lot of pictures and press "Publish".  You see, in addition to you graduating kindergarten, we also moved from the city to the country, all timed to happen at exactly the same time. I needed a clone this month, maybe 10. That would have been nice.

However, since I am a dutiful mother and will experience a lot of mommy guilt should I neglect this letter, here we go. (And by the way, mommy guilt is highly over-rated. You should find a way to not experience that when the time comes round for you to raise tiny beasts to adulthood....).

We started out the month by attending your last flute recital with the New Music School.
 You did beautifully but were very sad to say goodbye to Steve. In fact, this will be a recurring theme this month. You had to say A LOT of goodbyes and it was extremely hard for you.

We spent Memorial Day saying goodbye to Lake Michigan. Although the water temperature was hovering around 52 degrees, you were undeterred.
Fortunately, it was hot enough on the beach that you didn't turn blue with cold.

Your very last week of school was when the movers were scheduled to move us to our new home so you, Lucy and Daddy stayed in a hotel downtown while I supervised the packing/unpacking. Your last day of kindergarten finally arrived and you started out the day sunny and happy.
As an aside, here you are on your first day of kindergarten.
Playing around with Shia, Lelio and Chengze after lunch.
But by the time Daddy arrived to pick you up, you were in tears. It was a very hard goodbye. You have been with Qiongwei lao shi for your entire school career and I must say, I tear up every time I see this picture. She has guided you through your crucial first three years of school and has instilled in you a love of learning. Teachers like that are a treasure...but I think you already know that.
The next day was kindergarten graduation with a recital showcasing each community's achievements. The two Chinese kindergarten classes were in the red/black costumes in the picture below. You performed one dance, recited 3 poems and sang/danced one song as part of your recital. 
More goodbyes...to Yi Chu lao shi, your other teacher this year.

A huge hug to Xiang lao shi, who was your very first teacher with Qiongwei and who taught you to play Chinese chess this year.
She also invited you to her home this summer to continue your lessons. You were overjoyed to hear this news!
Qiongwei made every one of you a memory book filled with photos and captions of you for the past three years. You all quickly sat down outside after the ceremony to look at the books. 
Ms. Vicky surprised you by coming to your graduation and then sharing lunch with us afterwards.
And then it was time to have our first sleep in our new house as a family.  A neighbor came over with a sand bucket filled with toys, including jump ropes, which you and Lucy set to work conquering in your new backyard.
We've walked on both of the suspension bridges that connect the east and west sides of the lake as well as between the islands.
The new chalk was put to use as you wrote out a welcome to all who would visit.
In other news, you are super excited that your top two and bottom two teeth are loose. You spend a lot of time checking them to be sure they are still loose and wondering aloud when they will finally fall out.

And now for the Kateisms from this month:

I've gone from not being able to read, to reading a little, to reading a lot out loud, to now reading IN MY HEAD! Isn't that amazing?!

An exchange you had with Daddy while you were in the tub...
You: Completing a very cursory washing of you rear end.
Daddy: Be sure you wash you hiney well. It's very important that it is clean.
You: Starting another cursory washing
Daddy: Giving the parent look that says "Really?"
You: Washes well and sits back in tub
Daddy: Be sure you rinse too.
You:  It's okay, it's thrice cleaned.
Daddy: Did you just say "thrice cleaned"? Do you know what that means?
You (rolling your eyes):  Yes, it means I cleaned it three times.

We were talking about how their are a bunch of new fawns in our new neighborhood and then we saw two robins cavorting about in the trees so we talked about how they were probably going to start building a nest for their babies.
Kate: Where to babies come from?
Me: When a male and a female have sex they create a baby.
Lucy: What is sex?
Kate: Like insects?


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